Casinos Not on GameStop: Why Are They So Trendy?


First of all, we must clarify that casinos not connected to GamStop are not separate types of casinos. The “non GamStop casinos” is a general term used widely by the review sites and refers to all non UK-based casinos. Consequently, they are don’t required to obtain the UKGC license or integrate the GamStop scheme. Recently, these sites have become very coveted by a large segment of gamblers who accidentally signed up for GamStop and feel frustrated for not being able to resume playing at the UK casinos.

The review sites and gambling forums used “non GamStop casinos” to facilitate the searching and categorising processes. However, this expression may create an unclear image for these sites, suggesting that they are rigged or operate outside the law! Indeed, this is entirely false, the non GamStop casinos are founded in global gambling laws. Offer a fair playing experience. They are upholding the concept of responsible gambling concepts. Promoting awareness of gambling addiction.

In this article, we will discover what are casinos outside GamStop, their advantages, and whether they are as safe as UK casinos or not.

What Are Non GamStop Casinos?

In general, casinos that do not support GamStop belong to offshore companies. Therefore, nothing forces them to integrate GameStop, GamCare or any other local UK charity.

Most of these casinos are newly launched, and 90% have been established in the last three years. However, they have a lot of unique features. To name a few, offshore casinos accept digital currencies. Offer a broad spectrum of games. Have 24/7 active support service. Besides casino games, they offer betting markets on sports, eSports and cybergames as well. And these games you can find at – one of the best online non Gamstop casino platforms in the UK.

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These fantastic perks make them more than just an alternative to the UK sites, and they have all the necessary potential to reach the broad audience that has never signed up for GamStop. 

There are more than 24 million gamblers in the UK. According to many 45% of them gamble on sports, casino games, or even buy national lotto tickets every month. In fact, a large segment of these players is looking for casinos not covered with GamStop to get around the ban!

Why Do Players Prefer Non GamStop Casinos?

First, we should emphasise once again that casinos outside GamStop are clean sites as the word “outside” here might suggest that they are “outside the law”, but this is not true at all! These sites are approved and licensed by legal committees and foreign licensors such as the Malta Gaming Committee. Curaçao Gaming Board. Gibraltar Gambling Committee. These committees don’t impose tight restrictions on casinos. Consequently, they do not impose restrictions on their players! 

Furthermore, these sites protect the players’ data with the most powerful encryption protocols to prevent hackers from accessing it in any case scenario.

Offshore casinos also offer 24/7 customer service that all users can contact to get real-time assistance. 

Getting Around GamStop

Although GamStop is a scheme designed to protect weak willed players, many use it for other purposes. For instance, some players may join GamStop to save money to buy a new house or car. Of course, platonic savings are tempting, especially if the goal is expensive!

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Some other players may consider taking a break from gambling for a while to focus on their new job, so they use GamStop.

Of course, all of these motives are great, but they are not related to problem gambling at all! Therefore, a large group of GamStop participants are looking for another opportunity to enjoy gambling during the period of self-exclusion. Although the UK gambling sites will not welcome them, offshore casinos will be glad to have them. In other words, players can resume playing again during the cooling off period only at non GamStop sites.

Bonuses & Promos

Since most non GamStop casinos are new to the scene, they aim to attract as many players as possible by offering bonus collections beyond industry limits. For instance, the average welcome offer of the non GamStop casinos range from 3,000 to 5,000 EUR. Considering that the average of British casinos’ welcome bonuses range between 500 to 1,000 EUR, non GamStop casinos players are fortunate! Furthermore, these casinos take care of their registered players and give them daily offers, weekly bonuses and many offers.

The large disparity in bonuses between local and offshore casinos is due to the exorbitant expenses imposed on the UK casinos. In contrast, non GamStop companies aren’t subject to this massive amount of money. So, they have a solid budget to allocate for rewards.

Freedom to Play

Since casinos outside of GameStop are strictly regulated, they offer their players a higher level of freedom. For instance, the signup process is quick, short and takes only thirty seconds.

Furthermore, players will find a large selection of games much larger than the gaming options available in the UK casinos. In contrast, UK casinos cooperate with UK-based game studios only, and so they always offer a limited selection of games.

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With a single glance at the bottom margin of the homepage of any casino not connected to GamStop, you will find the logos of over 150-200 global gaming creators. In addition, the range of games available at these casinos ranges from 2,500 to 5,000 quality titles. These games are rich with immersive graphical features, realistic sound effects, and in-game rewards. 

How Popular Are Non GamStop Casinos?

Of course, there are no accurate stats on UK players at offshore casinos, but the UKGC has announced that over the past 12 months, the number of GamStop subscribers has increased by 80% to reach 200,000 participants!

Of course, many of these players shifted to casinos outside GamStop, and this trend is likely to increase soon.

Casinos not cooperating with GamStop are still a safe solution for all players. They offer an amazing variety of bonuses. Hold legal licenses. Use advanced security protocols. Offer all kinds of gambling games. Provide players with around the clock support. In other words, the lack of the UKGC license and GamStop support are the only differences between these casinos and the local ones. Thus, players can have the same gambling experience without sacrificing any other crucial factor.


Casinos that don’t have GamStop restrictions are very popular among Brits and they are likely to become even more popular soon. These casinos have great features suitable for all players, whether they are in the cooling off period or not. In fact, it outperforms British casinos in many aspects!