Who is Cassandra Lepan? Here are the Details 

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The domain of expert wrestling has gained immense popularity on the global platform. With so many fans rooting for their favorite wrestlers, the entertainment is likely to continue in the future too. The industry is full of brilliant wrestlers who have made a successful career for themselves, along with earning fandom and great fortune. One such name is Cassandra Leppan. Interestingly, she has been the spouse of the resigned grappler Raymond Leppan, who took the entire wrestling world by storm during his heydays. 

So, who is Cassandra Lepan, and what does she do? This article covers everything in detail. 

Who is Cassandra Lepan? 

Cassandra Leppan is recognized as a popular American celebrity lady. She captured media light and attention in 2010 after getting married to a famous South African retired professional wrestler, Raymond John Leppan. While the woman gained popularity because of the celebrity status of her husband, she has built her own way as a strong accomplice and persuasive figure in the entertainment industry. 

Who is Cassandra’s Husband? 

Cassandra is married to Raymond John Leppan. A retired professional wrestler, he was popular as his ring names were Adam Rose and Leo Kruger. Raymond was born in 1979. His childhood had not been a smooth ride. He ran away from home at 14 and endured two years of living on the streets, abandoned buildings, and other miseries. Soon after, Raymond began his wrestling journey on the independent circuit under the name Z-Max. He eventually made his way to the United States, where he earned the opportunity to compete in Philadelphia as a part of the tag team Pure Juice. 

Raymond signed with WWE in 2010 and wrestled in their developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). Here, he competed as one of his ring names, Leo Kruger. His stints in wrestling made him earn immense success. Raymond also became a two-time FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion. In 2014, he transitioned to the main roster of WWE and changed his ring name to Adam Rose. 

Unfortunately, luck didn’t support the wrestler for long and he became a part of many controversies. He even requested his release from the company in 2016 and wrestled in the international independent circuit. 

When did John and Cassandra Get Married? 

Raymond John Leppan and Cassandra Leppan have been married for over a decade. Per sources, Cassandra met him in Florida, when he was working as a WWE wrestler. The duo found an instant connection, which led to their affair and marriage. They got married in 2010 and have been together ever since. 

Why Did Raymond Quit Wrestling? 

After facing multiple issues with his career and his personal life, Raymond had to quit wrestling, once and for all. As per the reports, he had violated the wellness policy of the company twice, leading to a 60-day suspension for using banned substances. He also had a violent fight with Cassandra and was accused of assaulting her. As a result, Raymond was arrested and charged with domestic violence and tampering with a witness. 

Following his activities, WWE could not tolerate his actions and decided to suspend him indefinitely. He then realized he had no choice but to quit his tenure with the company and start his personal life afresh. His walking out of the wrestling world disappointed many fans and colleagues. 

Do Cassandra and Raymond have Children? 

Yes. Cassandra and Raymond and doting parents to their two children. Their first son, Maverick, was born in 2011. Unfortunately, he was born with a rare abdominal wall defect called omphalocele. Maverick required immediate surgery after his birth to reverse his condition. Despite the difficult prognosis, their son surpassed the expectations of the doctors and has been living a healthy life since then. 

The couple also welcomed their second son, Levi. Reportedly, the couple has been happily parenting their two sons. 

What is Cassandra Leppan’s Net Worth? 

The net worth of Cassandra Leppan remains undisclosed as there is limited public information about her. The details about her occupation are also unclear at this time. The celebrity wife probably dedicates her time to raising her loving sons and prioritizing a private life away from the eyes of the media or public. 

On the other hand, there is some information about Raymond John Leppan’s net worth. Reportedly, the ex-wrestler has amassed a handsome net worth of $5 million from his professional wrestling journey. His hard work and talent have earned him various recognizable championship titles, including the FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship and the NXT Tag Team Championship. 

The Controversy Regarding the Couple 

The couple has been a part of a few controversies, one of which even led Raymond to quit his wrestling job. 

  • In 2016, Raymond encountered a drug-related issue where he failed a drug test. It was later revealed that it could have been due to his ADHD medication. Raymond faced suspension from the wrestling industry. 
  • While Raymond was struggling with his professional life, he was also involved in an aggressive incident with his wife. Things worsened between the couple, and Cassandra had to take the hard step of reporting domestic violence to the police. As a result, Raymond was arrested on charges of domestic violence and witness tampering. 
  • Leppan also stirred controversy by releasing a t-shirt featuring his own mugshot from the domestic violence controversy. 

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