Cathie Wood bets on three technological actions: Teladoc, Zoom and Roku

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As you said before Cathie Wood de Ark Invest, the fund tries to “find the next news”. His selection of companies has given him great returns and he has these three technological actions inside your wallet, not forgetting Tesla: Teladoc Health, Zoom and Roku according Jing Pan en Yahoo Finance.

For the past five years, the flagship fund of Ark, Ark Innovation ETF, has obtained a performance of 440%, substantially exceeding the Dow, S&P 500 y Nasdaq.

Although it has divested from growth stocks like Tesla during its uptrend, the investor has transferred its money to other firms that could be the big news like the following.

As expected, Teladoc Health benefited from the extraordinary environment brought about by covid-19. When most non-life-threatening forms of in-office health care were discontinued during the peak of the pandemic, telehealth adoption skyrocketed.

Revenues increased by 98% in 2020 to $ 1.09 billion, with an increase in total visits from the 156%.

For 2021, the administration projects an income of between 2,015 billion and 2,025 billion dollars.

It is currently the second largest holding in the Ark Innovation ETF, and represents the 6,4% the weight of the fund.

The stock closed last Monday lower at $ 109.08. Meanwhile, the Ei indicators are mostly bearish.

The actions of Zoom traded in $ 60 in early 2020. They shot over $ 560 in October 2020but since then they have given up more than half of the profits.

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