“Cayetana Rivera’s Romantic Night Out with Boyfriend Manuel Vega: Celebrating Two Years Together”

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This Weekend’s Copa del Rey Final in Seville

This past Saturday, May 6th, the La Cartuja stadium in Seville was filled with some of the biggest stars in Spain for the final of the Copa del Rey.

Attendees at the Event

Among the prominent attendees were King Felipe and Infanta Sofía, Joaquín del Betis, and bullfighter Morante de la Puebla. However, all eyes were on Cayetana Rivera and her boyfriend, Manuel Vega.

The Couple’s Appearance

Cayetana Rivera and Manuel Vega have been inseparable since the young woman introduced her boyfriend publicly in February of 2021. The couple appeared together at the event, looking happy and in love.

Cayetana’s Outfit Choice

As always, Cayetana looked elegant and trendy in her black short-sleeved top, high-waisted, two-tone pants, and clogs with a wooden platform and solid heel. The outfit was an Inés Domecq ensemble, and Cayetana has practically become an ambassador for the brand.

The Couple’s Relationship

Despite being very private about her personal life, Cayetana is more than happy to share her love for Manuel Vega with the world. The couple has been together for a year and a half and seems closer than ever. Cayetana even dedicated some touching words to him on their first wedding anniversary.

Manuel’s Affectionate Nature

Manuel has integrated into the Rivera family perfectly and is always attentive and affectionate with Cayetana, as evidenced by his behavior during the Holy Week processions. It is obvious that the two are very much in love and that their relationship continues to grow stronger.

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Overall, Cayetana Rivera and her boyfriend, Manuel Vega, were one of the highlights of the Copa del Rey final. They showed the world that love knows no bounds, and their appearance was undoubtedly a memorable event for all who witnessed it.

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