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Cazzu joined the thong trend in sight

The style of Cazzu is synonymous with boldness and personality. The Argentine ragpicker brings the musical genre to her looks in the most daring bets and is not afraid to innovate: tattoos are encouraged all over her body, shaved hair of different colors and the most striking garments that leave a lot of skin exposed . Now, he joined the trend “Thong in sight” imposed by the famous and added his personal touch.

The artist shared with her more than nine million followers on Instagram a series of photos of the high-impact look she chose to sing at the MIA Fest, in Philadelphia. Carried a set of Halloween-themed printed bodice and panties and added a jogging low-rise light blue that she showed the strips at the bottom of the underwear, black with orange details.

In addition to echoing the phenomenon of showing part of the panties, he completed the outfit with maximalist details that added wave and personality to the look. As usual, he took some neck chains, dangling earrings and rings. The make up is a separate issue: led bicolor eyeshadow (light blue on one side and orange on the other) in tune with the dress, accompanied by a intense outlined cat eye geometric. He completed the bet with blush lips nude, and the short hair and fuchsia It was the finishing touch.

Owner of great popularity in the networks, the post exceeded one million likes and the praise for the look was immediate: “Queen”, “The woman of my life” and “The most beautiful” are some of the comments left by his fans, as well as messages of pride for having represented the country in an international event.

With this mega look, Cazzu joins an endless list of celebrities who are already fans of the visible thong trend, most of them in a more sober and elegant version in contrast to the urban / raggedy style of the singer. One of the most fanatical Argentineans of this fashion phenomenon is Jimena Baron, who recently wore it in a look total black with a diver oversized that revealed much of her thong.

Lali Espósito, Juanita Tinelli, Romina Malaspina and Sol Pérez they are also referents of this trend. At the international level, stars like Hailey Bieber y Kim Kardashian they were pioneers last year and bet on the most elegant version of this bet, with ball gowns.

Do you dare to join this phenomenon?

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