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Cazzu shone on an important stage in New York and opened in an emotional post: “I suffered so much that it is difficult for me to live without pain, but here I forget everything”

Cazzu continues to surprise with his music in the United States. After one year and six months, the iconic setting of New York SOBS It opened its doors and had the head of the trap as the protagonist. The public lived a different experience to be able to enjoy the artist with her entire band, which gives a special touch, a bit rocker, to a not so traditional show of urban genre.

The doors of said theater were closed after the pandemic. The reopening was with the presentation of Cazzu with his Emo Band. Great Latin music legends such as Marc Anthony, Celia Cruz and Tito Puente, plus international figures such as Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Drake among others.

The boss was also at the Neón experience in Las Vegas on September 10, sharing the stage with the Colombian singer Karol, where she will repeat this September 16. This tour of the United States will continue as part of the Uforia radio festival, in the city of Miami, on October 1, while today it will be in New York again.

“I had nothing when I started, I went from place to place looking for the moment, it was many years. I suffered so much that it is difficult for me to live without the pain but here I forget everything ”, described on his Instagram account. In the extensive posting, the singer recalled how difficult it was to start her career and achieve recognition: “When I moved to Buenos Aires after many setbacks, I managed to make my album EVIL$ and gave my first show in front of 90 people. For some reason this show reminded me of those beginnings where there was no such thing as this that collects thousands of numbers and the media is interested, where we were few but there seemed to be thousands singing my lyrics, only this time it was in New York, far from home and from what that I ever imagined ”.

“I like it like that, little one where we are close, where it seems that we always know each other, where we love each other. It makes me happier than festivals packed with people and crowds, where I can look them in the eye and they are looking at me with a smile. And when I no longer want to continue, I have to remember what they give me and then I continue … thank you, “he concluded.

Cazzu shared the stage with Doja Cat and Justin Bieber and broke it

The singer was the only Latina to perform at the Made in America festival in Philadelphia, where she shone on stage with Doja Cat and Justin Bieber. Accompanied by her Emo Band, she performed her biggest hits and songs from her latest album Useless girl. The festival, produced by Live Nation, combines the best of the sound of rap, hip hop, EDM, pop, rock and R&B. Throughout these years, bands of the stature of Pearl Jam, Rihanna, Coldplay, Beyoncé, The Weekend, Martin Garrix and Nicky Minaj, so a huge expectation was generated for the singer’s fans.

In March he premiered “Turra”, A song that was launched accompanied by a video clip that was recorded in Buenos Aires, under the direction of Facundo Ballve. The images show a very neighborhood movement, where there are no luxuries or jewelry. It appears surrounded by “turros”, name given to the followers of the movement.

At the beginning of January, the boss and María Becerra had revolutionized the networks with the presentation of their first collaboration, “Animal”. Rap, Trap and reggaetón, all in the same song that has already taken over all platforms.

The video – directed by Julian Levy – surpassed the 400 thousand visits in less than an hour. During the feat, the Argentines tell the world: “So they know that girls no longer cry at night.” The clip shows them to the referents of urban music dancing among palm trees and announcing themselves as “the girls of Argentina, breaking platforms”.

In an interview with La Viola, at the beginning of the year, Cazzu spoke about her beginnings and explained that she was the Canadian artist Avril Lavigne who awakened his passion for music: “She was everything I could expect from a girl and that’s when I started to dabble in the Internet.”

The interpreter of “C14TORCE”Revealed that the first years of his career were spent in cumbia. His beginnings in the tropical scene were not entirely accepted by his environment. “That turned me into a black sheep,” he admitted. Over time he discovered, first in reggaeton, and then in rap and trap, a way to spread his message.

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