CCOO warns that if the employers continue to be stubborn there will be general mobilizations

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The general secretary of the CCOO, Unai Sordo, has assured that he will promote “general mobilizations, beyond the agreements, if the CEOE employers continue to be stubborn” in not negotiating salary increases.

Speaking to Radio Euskadi, the union leader warned that autumn looks “complicated, with a lot of uncertainty marked by a war and its consequences”, for which he warned that all of this will cause “intense socio-economic and labor effects”.

According to Sordo, the “great losers” by inflation are the workers, since companies have passed on the rise in raw materials and fuels to their products, in order to maintain their business margins.

Thus, companies raise prices but “freeze wages”, which harms workers, but also, it has alerted, the whole of society, since if consumption suffers, so will the economy and economic growth will slow down.

On a possible income agreement, the CCOO leader believes that “it is possible”, but considers that the Spanish Government has to explain what it means and what measures it puts on the table to facilitate it. It is “necessary to protect the most vulnerable people and reduce prices”, he has asked.

Regarding the proposal of the Second Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, to limit the price of some basic products in the shopping basket, Sordo has applauded the measure, and has also called for “control in the price of energy and fuels”, which contribute to making the shopping basket more expensive.

Tomorrow Sordo will meet with representatives of the Spanish Government to negotiate pensions, which, according to his calculations, “will rise according to average inflation”, which he estimates will be 8%.

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