Ceballos awaits Ancelotti’s decision

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Ceballos awaits Ancelotti's decision

Dani ceballos is one of the loaned players who returns to Real Madrid on June 30 and has options to stay on the squad. Although it is not the first option among the ‘borrowed’, a privilege that corresponds to Martin Ödegaard, the Utrera wants to make the most of his possibilities in the entity and for this he is waiting for a conversation with the new coach, Carlo Ancelotti, in which to find out if he can have a role in the team.

The Real Madrid faces a period of change, starting with the bench, and that must culminate with the arrival of a world-class star. However, it is precisely the inclination for this purchase, with Mbappé in the shop window, the one that limits the rest of the movements called to reinforce the workforce. The economic plan must be taken care of after more than one season without an audience in the stands, with the consequent millionaire losses in ticket sales, and the transfers are the Plan B that the club manages if it accelerates, as it seeks, the exit operation.

Ceballos is aware that his level in the Arsenal, where he has spent two courses on loan, it has not been the desired one and his return to Real Madrid seems complicated in terms of occupying an important role. However, the player’s position regarding his future is clear, and a new assignment is not being considered at the moment. If your link to Real Madrid, where he has a contract until June 30, 2023, he remains, it will be to be part of the squad and not to go to another on loan to another club.

The white team’s midfield may undergo changes in the coming weeks and Ceballos He wants to take the opportunity to find out if he can fill a gap in the new Madrid squad. Ancelotti is a coach who has been inclined throughout his career for midfielders with the profile of the Utrera and awaits a conversation to find out the coach’s claims regarding his figure. Dani dreams of wearing white again, as long as you have the word of the coach that you will have opportunities. If not, the stage is an exit … in the form of a sale.

No to a new assignment

In the offices of the Madrid team they do not close to the sale of Ceballos, aware that they can get economic profit for a player at the perfect age to succeed. However, the irregular performance at Arsenal and the footballer’s conditions lead to consider a possible assignment that revalues ​​your cache in the coming months, although the player is not willing to accept this alternative.

Among the suitors of Ceballos is the Juventus, which as OKDIARIO advanced, has the player on his agenda and she could go after him in the next few weeks. The Spanish international is a footballer to the taste of the new coach, Massimiliano Allegri, and it would be affordable compared to other options managed by the Bianconera sports management.

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