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Celebrities Spotted Enjoying an El Paso Chihuahuas Game

El Paso, Texas has become quite the hotspot for Hollywood celebrities this year. Recently, a number of A-list stars were spotted filming a movie in Downtown El Paso during the summer. Some of these celebrities decided to stick around, enjoying a baseball game during the 4th of July. It seems they might just be fans of the El Paso Chihuahuas baseball team.

A local photographer, Ivan Pierre Aguirre, managed to capture some incredible photos and videos of four Hollywood celebrities in the press boxes at Southwest University Park, watching the El Paso Chihuahuas take on the Albuquerque Isotopes. Among the celebrities were Oscar-nominated producer Sara Murphy, Colin Anderson (camera operator for the 7th and 9th Star Wars movies), Oscar-nominated director Paul Thomas Anderson, and Oscar winner Benicio Del Toro.

They enjoyed the game from inside the stadium, staying to watch the fireworks afterwards. For those interested, all the videos and images can be found on Ivan’s Instagram.

But these were not the only celebrities at Southwest University Park. The famed hot dog eating champion, Joey Chestnut, was also spotted wearing a Chihuahuas baseball jersey. He even competed against a couple of Fort Bliss soldiers in a hotdog eating competition for charity.

It’s unknown if any of these celebrities had seen or heard of the El Paso Chihuahuas before, but it’s clear they had a great time at the ballgame. Next time you’re at a local sporting event, keep your eyes open— you might just spot a celebrity among the crowd.

Source: elpaso_visuals_deportivos/ivan.pierreaguirre.visuals via Instagram