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Celebrity Edition Attracts Huge Audience After BET Awards

The ratings success of the BET Awards proved beneficial for the latest season of “College Hill: Celebrity Edition” at Xavier University of Louisiana. Following the awards, BET treated viewers to a sneak peek of the highly-anticipated BET+ series “College Hill: Celebrity Edition,” and the response was nothing short of stellar.

Per ratings numbers secured by Programming Insider, the 2024 BET Awards pulled in 2.004 million viewers during its main telecast, capturing the attention of 1.09 million households and securing a strong 0.70 rating among adults aged 18-49. With a host of memorable performances and award moments from performers such as Megan The Stallion, Will Smith, and Lauryn Hill, it set the perfect stage for what came next—an exclusive preview of “College Hill: Celebrity Edition.”

The post-BET Awards sneak peek garnered 558,000 viewers and achieved a 0.16 rating among adults 18-49 (211,000 in this demographic). While these numbers might seem modest compared to the BET Awards themselves, the post-award show slot was an amazing opportunity to promote the latest season and the broader offerings on BET+.

This latest season of “College Hill” takes celebrities out of their comfort zones and places them on the historic campus of Xavier University of Louisiana. This season’s cast includes Karlous Miller, Saucy Santana, Claudia Jordan, Tamar Braxton, Angela White, and Nick Young. Previous seasons of the series were hosted at Texas Southern and Alabama State University.

In the season, the celebrities are living together and attending classes as non-traditional students, aiming to earn an interdisciplinary studies certificate over an accelerated curriculum. Their journey to make it through HBCU life is far from perfect as a rigorous course load and some infighting amongst the cast mates threaten to derail their goals. The season also delves into important topics such as mental health, social justice, and personal growth through education.

“College Hill: Celebrity Edition” has consistently attracted viewers following the BET Awards. Season 1, set at Texas Southern University, garnered 850,000 viewers after the 2022 BET Awards. This significantly boosted attention for Texas Southern, as Google Trends data from July 25th, 2022, to August 4th, 2022, indicated a sustained rise in searches for the institution.

The impact of having “College Hill” set at Xavier University of Louisiana is significant. Not only does it offer viewers a glimpse into the vibrant culture and rigorous academics of this HBCU, but it also brings national attention to the institution itself. With the show’s large following and the promotional efforts of BET’s various platforms, Xavier University stands to gain increased interest and appreciation from potential students and supporters nationwide.

“College Hill: Celebrity Edition” Season 3 is available on BET+. The full season is likely to air on the BET cable channel at a later date.

Source: Programming Insider