Celia Lora becomes the envy of all by showing off the kiss that Johnny Depp gave her

Celia Lora Surprises Fans with Johnny Depp Encounter

Celia Lora, an OnlyFans model, shocked her millions of followers by sharing a photo gallery on her social media platforms featuring the famous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. The unforgettable encounter took place during her trip to Europe, where she had the opportunity to attend a concert by Depp’s band, “Hollywood Vampires”.

The Memorable Kiss and Hug from Johnny Depp

In the images shared on Facebook, Celia can be seen receiving a kiss and warm embrace from the renowned actor, which generated admiration and even envy among her followers. Lora herself expressed that this was one of the happiest moments of her life, as she greatly admires Depp. The post quickly gained nearly a thousand interactions with congratulatory messages for the influencer.

Celia Lora Attends Concert by Johnny Depp’s Band

During her stay in France, Celia explored the iconic landmarks of Paris and also had the chance to attend a concert by “Hollywood Vampires”, a band comprised of Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry. Since 2015, the group has paid tribute to deceased rock stars. The model shared several images from her meeting with the band, including a photo where she poses with a smile alongside all the members. However, it was the second photo, capturing Johnny Depp leaning in to kiss her on the cheek, that brought a big smile to her face.

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