“Celia Vega-Penichet Opens Up About Postponing Her Wedding: An Exclusive Interview with Ana Obregón’s Niece”

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Celia Vega-Penichet, Ana Obregón’s niece, had everything planned to marry this spring in Mallorca with her boyfriend, Julio Jiménez-Blanco. However, a few weeks after their union was celebrated, we learned that the couple has decided not to go through with their wedding plans. This unexpected news has been confirmed from reliable sources.

These are difficult moments for the young lawyer, who has had to cope with the death of her maternal grandparents, Ana María Obregón and Antonio García, and the death of her cousin, Aless Lequio, whom she adored. On the last anniversary of Aless’ death, she shared emotional words that made clear the strong bond that united them.

Celia is recovering with the support of her loved ones and is focused on her work at the head of an alternative investment manager. She regularly travels to Miami for business and took the opportunity to see her aunt Ana Obregón and meet little Ana Sandra, the actress’s granddaughter and daughter of Aless Lequio.

Celia maintains an excellent relationship with her aunt Ana and also had it with her cousin. They both grew up together as if they were siblings. In fact, the last message Aless remembered from her was dedicated to her.

Overall, the daughter of Celia García Obregón faces a difficult stage surrounded by the love of her family and friends and aware that the bad times will pass. Although her wedding plans were canceled, she remains focused on her work and spending time with her loved ones.

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