CEOE calls for “Next Generation” loans to be tendered as grants

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The head of the CEOE European Projects Office, Luis Socías, has claimed that the part of the ” Next (LON: NXT ) Generation EU” funds that Spain will receive in the form of loans -70,000 million between 2023 and 2026 – are tendered as non-refundable grants for companies.

“It is very important that in the addendum (to the recovery plan) although Spain receives the funds in the form of loans, the company receives them in the form of non-refundable subsidies so that it is not an additional barrier to competition,” he said. Socías affirmed in an interview for the “Plan Europa” program, which is being developed by EFE with the consulting firm KPMG.

Regarding the elaboration of the addendum, which the Government plans to present to Brussels before the end of the year, it has requested the active participation of the social partners since it is a country plan that will be executed until 2026 “well beyond the current legislature.

In his opinion, it is an opportunity to improve what is not working “which has to do with making the calls more flexible, so that what has happened with the Perte of the electric and connected vehicle (VEC) does not happen”.

As he said, this Perte (strategic project for economic recovery and transformation) has had an execution rate “much lower than expected”, of 23%, which represents 703 million of the 2,975 million planned.

Although a period of allegations is still open in which some offers could be estimated, Socías believes that the percentage of execution of the Perte VEC will be far from 100%.

In addition, he added that the rise in the cost of raw materials and the shortage of supply have led companies to place European funds “in a different priority than they had before the summer”, while “survival” has come to the fore.

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