“Cepillín’s Son Brings Back Infamous Drug Show, Mocking Its History: The Shocking Story”

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Ricardo González Gutiérrez, aka Cepillín, and his Son Speak Out about Dark Episode in Clown’s Career

Ricardo González, better known as Cepillín, was a beloved white clown character on Mexican TV during his lifetime. However, his son, Ricardo González Jr., known as Cepi, recently spoke up about a dark period in his father’s career. The elder González had once told his son that maintaining the essence of his TV character was hard work, but breaking his image was far easier. This was demonstrated when Cepillín performed for well-known drug lords in Mexico.

Cepi Contradicts his Father’s Account of Drug Lord Performances

González Jr. contradicted his father’s prior claim that he had only discovered the identities of his audience members once he was performing for them. González Jr. now says that he knew all along who he was entertaining. González Jr. recently sat down with announcer Gabriel Roa to discuss his father’s legacy and career, including the weight of preserving his father’s legacy. Roa asked the pair to speak on the topic of drug lord performances.

Drug Lord Performances “Normal,” Says Cepi

Cepi downplayed the significance of the drug lord gigs, considering them to be simply job opportunities. He says that anyone can land any job, legal or otherwise, and that the experiences were perfectly normal. He cites the fact that he and his father also performed at presidential parties free of charge, while the drug lords did pay them.

Cepi Shares Anecdotes from Drug Lord Performances

Cepi went on to share several anecdotes from these performances. He related one instance when they entertained Amado Carrillo, also known as the Lord of Heaven, at a party where Carrillo pulled Cepillín aside to frisk him. Carrillo was known for being ruthless and cunning with his enemies while also being generous with those on his side. Cepi says his father wasn’t afraid of performing for Carrillo or any other drug lords.

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Nobody Noticed Normality of Experience During Interview

Although the interview turned to other topics, the fact that the pair had previously spoken out about the drug lord performances was largely ignored by those present. It seems that for Cepi, those performances represented nothing more than another job.

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