“Challenges of Parenthood: Addressing Problems with Your Children”

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Andrés García, the famous Mexican actor known for his roles in Mujeres engañadas and Chanoc, passed away in early 2022 after suffering from significant health problems. However, attention also turned towards the unresolved issues with his family members, particularly his children, Andrea García, Andrés Jr., and Leonardo García. Andrés Jr. and Leonardo had distanced themselves from their father after he defamed their mother, Sandra Vale, at the end of the previous year. Meanwhile, Andrés had distanced himself from Andrea for almost a decade.

After Andrés’ death, his legally recognized descendants had not resolved their issues yet, as revealed by his widow, Margarita Portillo. Portillo mentioned that André had accepted the presence of Leonardo and Andrés Jr. at his funeral, but not Andrea. Andrés had complained earlier that his children had no time for him and only cared about his estate. He had even accused Andrea of sexual abuse and belonging to an alleged sect, which had caused her to be out of the will.

Before his death, André had repeatedly tried to help his children in their acting careers, but they wanted to make their own mark. The only exception was Andrés Jr., who recognized himself as homosexual. However, the relationship between him and his father had already deteriorated. Recently, Leonardo and Andrés Jr. confronted André after he accused Sandra Vale of providing drugs to their children. Andrés Jr. issued a statement in defense of his mother, noting that the truth would be revealed eventually.

According to Portillo, both Leonardo and Andrés Jr. were authorized to attend the funeral, but Andrés Jr. could not make it because of a scheduled trip. However, Leonardo showed up at the funeral, accompanied by Sandra Vale and Rosa María García, Andrés’ sister. He acknowledged that he hadn’t seen or spoken to his father again after the incident, but he still loved him. Andrés’ remains were cremated and scattered in the Acapulco sea.

In conclusion, Andrés García’s death revealed the deep-seated issues between him and his children, which remained unresolved even after his passing. The family crisis caused by mistrust and misunderstandings should serve as a reminder that communication and understanding should always come first in any relationship.

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