Challenging Stereotypes: Empowering portrayal of a trans character with captivating allure

I Knew I Had to Work Hard and Take Risks

In 2006, the creators of Ugly Betty came up with a risky plot twist for the first season. They introduced a mysterious villain who turned out to be the transgender scion of a media dynasty. The character, Alexis Meade, would be played by supermodel-turned-actress Rebecca Romijn. At the time, this was a controversial choice, but Romijn saw it as an opportunity to open doors for the trans community.

Fast forward to today, and Romijn is still breaking barriers. In the new series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, she plays One, a gene-augmented alien who has hidden her true identity. Romijn sees parallels between her Star Trek character and Mystique, her character in the X-Men franchise. Both characters challenge societal norms and question why they should hide who they truly are.

A Dream Come True in the Star Trek Universe

Being part of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is a dream come true for Romijn. As a sci-fi-loving teenager, she was fascinated by the idea of extraterrestrial life and the possibility of humans not being alone in the universe. When she put on her gold uniform for the first time, she couldn’t help but feel that her late mother had played a part in bringing her to this point. Romijn is grateful for the opportunity to be part of a series that tackles important themes like prejudice and persecution.

From Model to Actress: Taking Risks in the Industry

Before her acting career took off, Romijn was one of the busiest models in the industry. However, she always knew that acting was her true passion. She took on unconventional roles and turned down the typical “trophy woman” roles that were offered to her. Romijn believes in taking risks and not playing it safe. She cites her role as a bearded lady in Dirty Work and her messy paleontologist character on Friends as examples of roles that exceeded expectations.

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While Romijn has had success in her acting career, she does have some regrets. She wishes she had fought for the role of a Bond girl in The World Is Not Enough, as she believes it would have been a great opportunity. However, Romijn remains proud of her work and looks back fondly on her role as Mystique in the X-Men movies, despite the challenges of the extensive makeup and prosthetics required for the character.

Continuing to Break Barriers

Rebecca Romijn is an actress who is not afraid to take risks and challenge societal norms. From playing a transgender character on Ugly Betty to portraying a gene-augmented alien on Star Trek, Romijn continues to push boundaries and open doors for underrepresented communities. She is proud of the roles she has played and hopes to inspire others to embrace their true selves.

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