Change the month and the networks sing with the memes of Julio Iglesias

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In 2020 it became all the rage and had jokes and images every day. And now, Since June, many users anxiously await the change of the month so that the memes starring the Spanish singer Julio Iglesias.

Last year, in addition to the classics of “July”, to dry, each day was adapted with images to this, such as July 4, 7, 11, and even 16.

“July is coming. You were waiting for this meme. And you know them ”, says one of the first to go viral this year.

Already on June 22, Rola_del_Rulo hastened to warn that “Julio is just around the corner”. A few days later, Seba Tafuro contributed his own. “There is nothing left for Julio”, shared and asked if “the memes of #julioiglesias the best thing that happened to humanity in all its history?”

Of course, the theme of the pandemic could not be left out. “In June the schools reopen and in Julio Iglesias”, affirmed a user in the social network.

Julio’s Memes account is on fire and in one of his most viral tweets he clarifies that you have to take care of yourself, because “it seems that Julio is fresh.” Comedian Ariel Tarico believes that “Julio’s memes come with a premium.”

There is also no shortage of “new strains” arriving in July, including Delta. Or the benefits of the vaccine, for which you have to “wait for Julio.”

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Of course, we who live by and for memes, we are happy and, like so many others, we welcome Julio … and this fun trend on the networks!

Selection Memes

On Monday, during Argentina’s duel with Bolivia, for the Copa América, the official broadcast of the game fell in the middle of the game.

It was a few minutes, but they were enough to stay with the attention of the fans. The international signal for the Copa América was down for a few minutes in the first half of the Argentina-Bolivia and Uruguay-Paraguay matches. This completely affected the channels that carried images of these duels to the viewers, who They searched them as best they could.

Public TV stopped showing images of the match and used a sweep with information from the contest, while TyC Sports went to its own camera that made a very short shot, making it difficult to track the duel. This aroused anger from some viewers and laughter from others.

Fortunately, the incident lasted a few minutes and they were quickly able to return to normality, which did not prevent the memes generated by users from amusing us several days later.

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