Change the story for the Crown: the Royal family checkmate

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With the premiere of The CrownIn November 2016, Buckingham Palace is clutching its head. Despite the fact that the first season seemed calm and, in fact, Queen Elizabeth herself took it upon herself to flatter her, as the years passed and Peter Morgan ventured into the different moments that marked the lives of the Windsors, the series began to suffer all possible criticism.

Prince Philip of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and Prince William were the first to speak of their discontent with The Crown. In fact, despite the fact that he once claimed that he liked the series, Prince Harry also spoke about the bad part of the series: including him in the story, especially after the death of his mother, Lady Diana.

Prince Harry also got mad at The Crown. Photo: (Getty)

However, despite the fact that all the current members of the Royal House will continue to pay attention to what the Netflix blockbuster reflects, it is precisely the Duke of Sussex who can be more calm. On more than one occasion, the director of the fiction stated that neither he nor his wife, Meghan Markle, were going to be part of the series, at least not for now, because “they still have a long way to go”.

But now, the story has completely changed and The Crown You will have to re-evaluate your plans if you do not want to be left out of one of the most important decisions that Isabel II has made in recent times. In 2020, when the Megxit began (a name given to the abandonment of the Dukes of Sussex to their royal duties), there was much speculation about what would happen to their titles and even privileges.

The photo with which Harry and Meghan confirmed Lilibet's pregnancy.  Photo: (Misan Harriman)

The photo with which Harry and Meghan confirmed Lilibet’s pregnancy. Photo: (Misan Harriman)

Although, obviously, being a senior member of British royalty is not so easily lost and, it was that very thing that saved the rights of Lilibet Diana, the little daughter of the Prince and Meghan who came into the world on June 4. This is because yesterday afternoon, the royal family decided to add Archie’s younger sister to the line of succession to the throne.

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Since her arrival in the world, all the experts regarding the monarchy were surprised that the newborn had not yet occupied her place in the line of succession. But, the truth is that, in the last births, except that of Prince Louis of Cambridge (William’s youngest son) who was added shortly, the Crown took between one and two months to update its official page.

Miss Lilibet Mountbatten Windsor already has her rights assured.  Photo: (

Miss Lilibet Mountbatten Windsor already has her rights assured. Photo: (

This indicates that there is no stipulated time to actually make the update although, this does ensure that the children of the Duke of Sussex do have their rights reserved before the crown and, to get to the present time, The Crown It should start at the beginning: Harry and Meghan’s marriage. “Succession to the throne is regulated not only by descent, but also by parliamentary statute. The order of succession is the sequence of the members of the Royal Family in the order in which they are placed in line for the throne”Reads the official site.

That is, although it is to be imagined that neither Archie nor Lilibet will reach the throne, at least not as far as the line of succession is concerned, they are part of it so they are also senior members of royalty. So, in order not to neglect this historical moment, The Crown it should extend its series and do more than six seasons.


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