Changes in GMail, this is your new bottom bar

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Google continues with major changes to its applications in order to make them clearer and easier. In previous years there was a great cleaning of applications that were in themselves very similar to each other, so now what remains for the company is to improve services as much as possible. And one of these improvements has to do with what is happening in itthe GMail application and its new bottom bar.

This is how the new GMail bottom bar would look on your mobile

Google doesn’t want to leave 2021 without making big changes to its applications. Every course we see how companies strive to show improvements and it seems that there is no reason to lower our arms in this regard. Google is now the one that wants to bring improvements to its applications both at an aesthetic and functional level and everything indicates that GMail will be the chosen one to see them very soon.

The great novelty in this regard is that the lower bar is going to change and to good. In a culture in which everything works better the simpler it is, the better it works, everything indicates that we will see big changes in the future. What we are going to talk about, according to what he says DoridLife, is that the lower bar of GMail will have a much cleaner and simpler appearance.

The intention of the big G is to take all the important icons to the bottom and not put anything, only the graphics. That way you can see the groups, conversations, video calls and emails in a moment and all this attending solely and exclusively to the icons that are inside.

Other changes to Gmail

These are not the only changes in GMail that Google is planning at the design level. And it is that the company also wants to make changes in the writing function of the web part of the application. This consists in that there will not be a huge button that defines the procedure that you are going to do, but you will simply see a button in which a pencil appears where when you press you will start writing a new message. We may see these features very soon, although that will be decided by the form itself after performing the relevant tests so that in the final version everything works as it should.


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