Changes in the world of marketing: the main association that brings together professionals in the field has a new name

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The Association of Direct marketing and Interactive from Argentina (AMDIA) will be renamed Data & Marketing Association (DMA) and changes its logo and institutional image. This was announced this Friday.

Marcelo García Cisneros, president of the brand new DMA Argentina explained that the institutional name change is “A natural evolution to the current dynamics of the marketing and communication industry”.

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According to Cisneros, “the change is in tune with what happens in most of our colleague associations in the rest of the world, which also seek to adapt with similar processes of rebranding”.

García Cisneros mentions countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, India and Singapore, where the Data & Marketing associations include the acronym DMA in their names.

Vision Data & Marketing Association (DMA)

The vision of the DMA Argentina is aligned with the Global Privacy Principles of the Global DMA, published on May 12, 2021. In this statement, data plays an increasingly important role in the search for business, innovative and economic growth.

On this, García Cisneros considers that “new technologies and the use of personal data give us tools to live better and be more sustainable.”

However, the president of the new DMA in Argentina maintains that the benefits derived from data for society and the economy “can only be achieved through its ethical use and the generation of trust between individuals and organizations.”

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It also points out that privacy and data protection rules “they build trust ”and provide a framework for“ the responsible flow of information around the world ”.

García Cisneros remarks that this is something for which DMA Argentina has worked for all these years and whose mission is “to promote the ethical use of data to improve marketing.”

History of the AMDIA and the future of the DMA

DMA Argentina is the entity that brings together companies and NGOs that use and support omnichannel data-driven marketing tools and techniques, and their suppliers and independent professionals.

DMA Argentina represents the main companies and user and supplier institutions in Argentina with a projection throughout Latin America.

The association has 34 years of history in Argentina. It was born in 1987 under the name of AMDA (Direct Marketing Association of Argentina), when a handful of professionals proposedn promote new direct marketing practices created in the United States and Europe.

The association maintains that from its inception, DMA Argentina had a code of ethics that “guides its members in the correct practice of the discipline.”

In 1996, the International Federation of Direct Marketing Associations (now GDMA) was formed, with AMDA as one of its original signatories.

Logo and image of the former AMDIA and now DMA

The original logo was an apple pierced by an arrow, alluding to the story of Guillermo Tell and the ability of direct marketing to be efficient and sustainable by hitting the mark. “targeting”.

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Over time, the logo evolved to include the drop “Direct to Results” to make explicit that the Setting measurable goals and measuring results is essential in this activity.

In 2000, with the advent of the Internet and digital media, AMDA made a first adaptation and changed its institutional image. It is renamed AMDIA, to include in its name the growing importance of digital (“Interactive”) in the discipline.

Then the new name was accompanied by another logo, which refers to the icon of an App, to reinforce the positioning of the association clearly in the digital, including mobile.

The drop changed to “Best Marketing” to highlight that effective marketing uses these tools, in addition to continuing with the usual values ​​(targeting, measurable objectives and improvement of results).

DMA Argentina will use the new version of your logo with the pompadour “Powered by AMDIA” for a few months, as an element of Brand Transfer.

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