Chaos Engineering: CNCF takes LitmusChaos into the incubator

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The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) has elevated LitmusChaos to the status of an incubator project. The end-to-end chaos engineering platform LitmusChaos was created in 2017 to create chaos tasks in Kubernetes and made its way into the CNCF Sandbox in 2020 – a step sometimes preceding the CNCF Incubator.

According to the principle of chaos engineering, LitmusChaos is intended to help uncover weak points and potential failures in infrastructures by triggering targeted disruptions in the system. LitmusChaos users include Red Hat, VMware and KubeFlare.

The open source platform is designed for use in cloud-native infrastructures and applications. Key components of LitmusChaos include the Chaos Operator for managing the lifecycle of a Chaos experiment, and declarative, schedulable, and searchable Litmus workflows. The ChaosCenter and im Litmus ChaosHub predefined chaos experiments for Kubernetes are available.

Planned features include according to the roadmap in addition to collaboration with other CNCF projects, additional experiments for Kubernetes and non-Kubernetes targets, improved observability and integration with other platforms using OpenTelemetry.

LitmusChaos is released monthly in a new minor version (2.x.0) and is currently in version 2.4, which allows use with Kubernetes 1.22 and higher. There were major innovations in the last major version, LitmusChaos 2.0: In August 2021, it brought increased scalability and new features such as an expanded set of Prometheus metrics.

More information is the CNCF announcement of the status change and the official website of the project refer to.


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