Charge wirelessly: Apple is said to be continuing to work on the AirPower charging mat

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Apple is researching new wireless charging technologies: The manufacturer is working on devices that will wirelessly supply iPhones & Co with power over shorter and longer distances, as was usually well informed about Apple’s plans Bloomberg-Journalist Mark Gurman reports. Mutual hardware charging options are also being developed at Apple, such as a tablet that charges the smartphone.

Despite the AirPower debacle a good two years ago, Apple did not discard the idea of ​​an inductive multi-device charger: The company is still working on bringing a charging mat for several devices to market readiness, believes Gurman. Further details were not given.

In September 2017, the company presented the AirPower charging mat, on which the iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods can be freely positioned and charged. The product, which had been postponed several times, could ultimately not be brought onto the market: Apple simply said that the company had not met its own requirements.

Instead, a far less ambitious charger followed last year, which can supply at least two devices with power in parallel – but only at fixed and clearly separated charging points. The accessory called MagSafe Duo costs just under 150 euros from Apple, a power supply unit for fast charging is not included.

For a long time there has been speculation that Apple wants to integrate “Reverse Wireless Charging” into iPhones so that they could charge AirPods earphones, for example – other manufacturers such as Samsung and Huawei have long been offering this in certain models. Apple’s additional MagSafe Battery Pack can also be charged by iPhones if the smartphone itself is wired to a power source. For 2022, observers expect that Apple will make inductive charging possible for the first time in the iPad Pro and also support “reverse wireless charging” there, so that the tablets would practically become a power bank.


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