Charlene Tilton Reflects on Dallas Cast as One Big Family

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Dallas Star Charlene Tilton Recalls the Strong Bond with Her Co-Stars

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Charlene Tilton, best known for her role as Lucy Ewing in the classic TV series “Dallas,” credits her co-stars for keeping her grounded on and off camera. Tilton, now 64, met Larry Hagman (JR Ewing) in high school and considered him a surrogate father. When she was 7 years old, she auditioned for and won the role of his confused niece, Lucy.

‘I was very lucky to have this group, our Dallas family, because they kept me grounded. We were a strong unit both on camera and off camera. I didn’t go off and get into too much trouble,’ Tilton told Closer US.

Hagman and Patrick Duffy, who played Bobby Ewing, were known to be the pranksters on set. Tilton added, “I know our prank reel is out there, there must be one floating around on YouTube. When you look at that, you see how amazing Patrick Duffy and Larry Hagman played pranks on all of us.”

The cast of “Dallas” considered themselves as one big family. Tilton shared, “From day one, we were a unit. I was young, and I learned just by being with these incredible actors, like Barbara Bel Geddes and Jim Davis. They all had such stellar work ethic.”

After the show left television in 1991, Tilton and her co-stars remained in touch. She said, “I was recently with Patrick Duffy and Linda Grey in Germany for ComicCon. It’s so lovely that the three of us are together. Great conversations, great memories, catching up on what we’re doing in our lives right now. It was wonderful.”

“Dallas” aired from April 2, 1978, to May 3, 1991, on CBS, and for the cast, the memories remain as strong as their bond.

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