Charles of Wales falls asleep during the Barbados independence ceremony from the British Crown

Charles of Wales fell asleep for a few seconds during the power transition ceremony by which Barbados became a republic on Tuesday, ending a parliamentary monarchy and assuming its independence from the British Crown.

The Prince of Wales arrived last Sunday in the former British colony representing his mother, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, to participate in official events, coinciding with the celebration on Tuesday of the 55th anniversary of the independence of the Caribbean island.

The monarch Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has therefore been replaced as head of state of Barbados, which leaves behind its status as a constitutional monarchy once the lawyer, judge and politician Sandra Mason took office as first president.

All in a ceremony that lasted for three hours and that it combined solemn and institutional speeches with native dances, music and fireworks. Event also attended by Barbadian singer Rihanna.

During the ceremony, cameras captured the moment when Prince Charles seemed to doze for a few seconds until the very movement of her body woke him up.

During his visit to Barbados, Charles of Wales has come under fire for comments he allegedly made a few years ago about the appearance of his son Harry and Meghan of Sussex’s children. The statements, collected in a new book published this week, have been denied by the prince’s office: “This is fiction and deserves no further comment”a spokesman said.

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