Charlotte Crosby Goes Crazy As Her Best Friend Makes A Shocking Entrance In Casa Amor!

Charlotte Crosby

When Charlotte Crosby’s best friend Jazmine Nichol made her first appearance in Casa Amor on Love Island, Charlotte went berserk. They supported their pal Jazmine Nichols as she first appeared on Love Island. As Jazmine Nichols prepares to compete on Love Island, Charlotte Crosby lends her full support to her close friend. She is right there!’ Charlotte Crosby, who is eight months pregnant, loses her mind when her closest friend makes a shocking arrival at Casa Amor and flashes her behind.

It was discovered earlier this week that Jazmine has a hidden celebrity connection. It turns out that Jazmine is friends with Charlotte Crosby, a fan favorite on Geordie Shore, and that Jazmine has even modeled for the reality star’s apparel line, Pepper Girls Club. In October last year, the two released a video of themselves humorously dancing together at Charlotte’s house on social media. In this way, the two have been combining their professional and personal lives. On Halloween, the couple was seen wearing identical red devil costumes while performing on stage at Charlotte’s event. They were joined on stage by other well-known performers such as Sophie Kasaei and Scotty T.

New arrival in the show

Charlotte Crosby

One of the competitors from Casa Amor, included in the mid-series shake-up of Love Island, is a young woman named Jazmine. Jazmine is 21 years old and is one of the women who will test the allegiance of the show’s existing couples and maybe develop new partnerships.

Charlotte Crosby, a former star of Geordie Shore, expressed her delight on Love Island upon seeing her closest friend make her debut at Casa Amor. Crosby is now competing on the show. Jazmine is one of the bombshells who have invaded the program to test the present couples’ allegiances.

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As her friend made her arrival, Charlotte shared a proud message on her Instagram story, and her friend cheekily flashed her behind for the camera. In the video, the cast member from Geordie Shore said, “There she is, little Jazzy Pops!”

When Jazmine introduced herself in the VT, Charlotte could be heard proudly yelling in the background. In April, Charlotte announced the news that she and her boyfriend, Jake Ankers, are expecting their first child together. Meanwhile, Jazmine, the manager of the nightclub, has admitted that she has a crush on Jacques O’Neill, even though he is now involved in a relationship with Paige Thorne.

Charlotte recently traveled to London with her old co-stars from the show Geordie Shore, Chloe Ferry, Sophie Kasaei, and Nathan Henry to record a special reunion episode for the show.

Charlotte shared a cute snapshot of them all, and in the photo, she wore a grey crop top and matching leggings. In the image, she is surrounded by her co-stars, and they are all placing a hand on her expanding tummy. Charlotte also shared the photo.

In search of love

On Friday, July 1, 2022, Casa Amor returned to our television screens as the ladies went out for a “girls’ night out.” They were going to Casa Amor, and they were going to leave the guys to fend for themselves in the main villa. However, the guys weren’t left alone for long since Jazmine and five other stunning women arrived at the property shortly afterward.

Now that they’ve found love, the islanders must decide whether to give in to the girls’ seductions or stay faithful to the relationships they’ve already established with one another.

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In addition, there are currently six new males in Casa Amor who are working hard to win the favor of the original girls.

Now, the Islanders are faced with the tough choice of yielding to the charms of the newcomers or remaining faithful to the relationships they have already established.

The news comes at a time when Charlotte is preparing herself enthusiastically for the arrival of her first child. She and her partner, Jake Ankers, are expecting their first child together, a daughter.

With a following of 22,000 people on Instagram before entering the villa and an established connection with TV personality Charlotte Crosby, Jazmine, or “Jazzy pops,” as Charlotte loves to call her, may well be the next IT GIRL to keep an eye on throughout this season.

After several years of dating Newcastle’s DJs and promoters, she has realized that their relationships are all “crap” and that it is time for her to settle down.

 It’s always the culture of casual hookups, and I’m not into that. I enjoy having close friends and am always looking to make new connections. Since Jazmine is only 21, she is the youngest of the Casa Amor females competing in this year’s competition.

Charlotte Crosby

Since she is a nightclub manager, let’s keep our fingers crossed that she knows how to throw a good party at the villa. She hails from the city of Newcastle. Should Paige, Jacques’s partner, be concerned that she has her eye on Jacques? Jazmine is highly competitive, and she has said things like, “I am a person that needs to win everything.” I’ve never been without a boy that I desired.

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In 2017, Jazmine accomplished the seemingly impossible by winning the title of Miss Teen Scotland.

When these two get together, there will undoubtedly be some explosive exchanges.

The Concluding Notes

The candidate, who is 21 years old, has already revealed her hand by claiming that “humor is the most important thing for me in a mate.” She has already set her cards on the table. She went so far as to assert, “I never care about appearances, and I don’t have a type at all.

Because of these factors, she has narrowed her list of current favorites down to Jacques, Jay, and Davide, on account of the endearing qualities that each possesses.       

She avidly watched as her buddy made her big appearance alongside the rest (or at least the majority) of the UK, and she could be heard enthusiastically commenting on what she saw in the background as she did so.

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