ChatGPT creator fears causing significant damage to the world

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The executive director and co-founder of Open AI, Sam Altman, has urged the US Congress to regulate the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI). Altman appeared before a Senate subcommittee to list the beneficial uses of AI, such as medicine and combating climate change, but warned that the technology posed risks to citizens and must be monitored by governments. His testimony came amid concerns that the rapid advance of AI could have unexpected impacts on society, including job losses and the creation of false information. Altman said AI was likely to affect the job market, but ultimately would create more new jobs than it destroyed.

There are concerns among US authorities that AI could have unforeseen effects on society. Lawmakers cited risks of job losses, as well as the use of tools to generate false information by foreign actors. The US government has announced it will spend $140m to set up seven new AI research institutes. During the DEF CON 31 hacker event, to be held in Las Vegas at the beginning of August, thousands of participants will assess whether AI systems from major companies are aligned with the US Government’s proposed AI Bill of Rights, which includes principles such as the privacy of user data and protection against discriminatory algorithms.

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