ChatGPT Launches iOS App for Seamless Chat Experience

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Introducing the Official ChatGPT iOS App:

For everyone who uses ChatGPT there is only one way to enter the service: using the browser. In just a few steps you will have the possibility to ask the AI ​​everything you need, but for mobile users, surely they would like to have something easier to work with.

Luckily, Apple fans can finally use the official ChatGPT iOS app: Yes, there is finally an official ChatGPT app! The fever for artificial intelligence is practically unstoppable. Every day more users get into ChatGPT or use other generative AIs in order to solve their doubts or have extra support in their work or writing.

The Solution for Mobile Users:

But for this, they need the Internet browser always ready on their devices. And it is that this has been the case from the beginning, since the only way to use the intelligent OpenAI program was through a browser. But it seems that the prayers of many have been answered and there is finally an official ChatGPT app on iOS.

Yes, the bitten apple will be the first to use this application that will be in the United States at the time of its release. It will take a while for it to be extended to the whole world, but for now, we leave you the official link so you can see that it is real and which one you can trust.

Features of the Official ChatGPT iOS App:

Among its features, you should know that the app is capable of recovering the search history you’ve done on other devices and is also compatible with voice input from both your iPhone and iPad. In case you’re wondering, using the app doesn’t cost you anything, unless you pay for ChatGPT Plus and have access to the latest version of the software.

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Android Users: Don’t Worry:

As often happens on many occasions, one of the two operating systems runs out of features or directly without the use of an application. It seems that OpenAI has decided to develop the ChatGPT app only for iOS, but this will only be for now.

The company has confirmed that the Android version will arrive soon, although they have not given a specific arrival date nor have they confirmed whether its availability will be global from the start.

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