Cheech and Chong Movies in Order

If your weekend plans are not sorted yet, why not turn on your idiot box and play Cheech and Chong? We promise you will thank us later!

Cheech and Chong is an entertainment duet comprising two young men, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong. The duo became extremely popular in the early 1970s and 1980s and won financial and cultural achievements with their stand-up schedules, workshop records, and feature movies. They inspiration from the hippie culture and free love tales, predominantly the drug trend and counterculture movements taking place and destroying their desire for peace.

You can explore the high jinks of the pair in their movies that had gathered immense buzz and popularity. So far, there are nine movies featuring Cheech and Chong.

Know these Nine Cheech and Chong Movies in Chronological Order

The weekend plan is sorted. Turn off the blinds, switch on the TV, sit back and relax with a bucket of popcorn. The adventures of Cheech and Chong are ready to put you in splits.

Here are the numerous films featuring the two, comprising their solo tries, a few failures, and some excellent comic masterworks.

Up in Smoke – 1978

As the name suggests, this movie explores the drug-related entertainment routine of the duo. The story tells you about a hippie rich kid Chong union with barrio teenager Cheech when they go on a puzzling mission to get some good pot to wisp on, apparently supporting them in creating their rock band. They take part in the competition and win it. It is also when their high-end van catches fire and overwhelms the club with the influential smoke. You can find this movie on Netflix.

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Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie – 1980

The next movie of the Cheech and Chong installment itself was named Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie. Under it, Cheech must cope with the loss of his work, an angry neighbor, and an anxious effort to score with Donna. While Cheech is soaked up dealing with his own issues, Chong encounters the former’s cousin, Red. Together, they enjoy some foolish time in Hollywood, comprehending some good amount of marijuana and flashy Ferrari. To add more, they even meet some astonishing aliens on their way.

Nice Dreams – 1981


This time they disguise themselves as ice cream vendors and miss millions of dollars by vending a collection of marijuana with an unanticipated side effect. They now own an odd-looking ice cream van. The ice cream may look normal, but it is a correctly tested marijuana looking like this dessert. They even name this venture Happy Herb’s Nice Dreams Ice Cream.

Things Are Tough All Over – 1982


Things Are Tough All Over features Cheech and Chong in Arab. The Arabs provide the duo with some money to drive their Limousine from Chicago to Las Vegas. The crazy pair doesn’t know that millions of dollars remain buried in the car space. When they come to terms with it, they find themselves vending off pieces of the limo for cash. Now they are stuck in the desert while their furious foreign bosses follow them.

Still Smoking – 1983

The duo recouple once again and take the trip to Amsterdam for a picture festival, courtesy of an organizer in Los Angeles. But they do not know that they are misguided by Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton when they appear in a famous celebration. Their typical shenanigans of rolling extra joints and facing the music follow. They also eat every item on the list of options at Amsterdam’s Bvlgari Café. The menu comprises a lot of mushrooms, and the effects are hilarious.

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Cheech & Chong’s The Corsican Brothers – 1984

This one is a spoof type of the Alexandre Duman book. Under this, a lurid but reviled rock band gets evicted from a drowsy French town. It then crosses paths with an enchanted gypsy who tells them a strange story of the two Corsican associates, Cheech and Chong, who though born separately, could still sense each other’s physical joys and sorrows. When the pair joins up, their ill-advised escapades kindle the French Revolution.

Get Out of My Room – 1985

In the following year, Get Out of My Room was released, which followed the journey of the stoners to Los Angeles. It is one of the most feel-good movies and features its very own documentary. They highlight their well-known song and video, Born in East Los Angeles with Beverly D’Angelo and Jan-Michael Vincent.

Cheech & Chong: Roasted – 2008

It was nothing less than a privilege for the duo when a TBS roast specially arranged by Brad Garrett and containing other guests like Chong’s wife was organized on the 30th of November, 2008. It was a comedy festival held at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. This time, the duo reunited for the Light Up America tour. They are roasted by close friends and other comics. The audience ends up laughing at their acts, including Earache my Eye and Basketball Jones.

Cheech & Chong’s Animated Movie – 2013

The last one in the order is Cheech & Chong’s Animated movie, where the duo and several other roles depicted by them smoke a great deal of marijuana. They hide it from the forces and try to sell it. False television trailers then upsurge the sale of the zit cream, drugs, and suicide preparations. Sister Mary Elephant tries to instruct her drug-addled puppy by blaring at him.

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The whole animation series is rudimentary but new. The speech and sound records in this movie are taken from the duo’s much-admired early 1970s. We promise you will love to see the pair in their animated versions.

Many of these movies are interconnected and also include adult content. We advise you not to see these movies with your little ones. Cheech and Chong’s movies are popularly addressed as the movies of two funny guys.  Out of all the nine movies, Up in Smoke is considered to be the best one. These movies give you a full dose of entertainment, entertaining enough to convince you to binge-watch.

Begin your movie marathon now.

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