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Enjoy a Good Beer for the Summer Heat

Whether on vacation or sharing at home with friends, tasting a good beer in this heat is cause for celebration. These days that are coming if you don’t go on vacation, at least, are for a change in routine, perhaps for being with family and sharing special Lenten dishes.

We can also share a good Mexican beer with those special meals, which combines very well and helps you withstand high temperatures. And here is a small selection for all tastes:

Cerveza Clara Modelo Especial Pilsner

This light blonde beer is made from slow-roasted malt to give it that golden touch, pilsner type with aroma of light hops, with a sweet touch and a smooth body, ideal for sharing the heat. It is perfect this season as they recommend its pairing with aguachiles, seafood or a creamy pasta.

Michelob Ultra Beer

This light-bodied lager is very refreshing with a golden appeal and flavor of malt and citrus. It is ideal for those who watch calories but want all the flavor, since this bottle only has 95 calories, more or less the same as an apple. With this beer, you do not go out of your range but you can enjoy all the flavor of a light blonde to drink.

Modelo Premium Beer Pack

One of the favorite boxes of many, because it is perfect to share since there are different varieties for many tasters and palates. It is a multipack to receive your visits and not disappoint. Bring: Modelo Especial type pilsner, Modelo Negro Munich type, Modelo Ámbar and Modelo type American Wheat Lager.

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Modelo Pura Malta Beer

And if you want to try something that is not you have every day, this new Modelo Pura Malta is a perfect Mexican beer, with its toasted malt it combines perfectly or let’s say it is made to pair with spicy foods, with a very Mexican flavor, so it is perfect for this season in which many dishes come with that very Mexican “picorcito”.

Enjoy these beers and stay refreshed during the hot summer months. Cheers!

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