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Cherie Jimenez as the New Gabi on DAYS
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

A new Gabi has been unleashed on “Days Of Our Lives,” and it’s not just because Cherie Jimenez has taken over the role. Spending over six months in prison has undeniably transformed the character.

“The Gabi that gets out of jail is a changed Gabi in that she has just gone through an incredibly difficult time of being away from her daughter and Stefan, specifically,” Jimenez revealed to Soap Opera Digest. “That has changed her in so many ways. It’s allowed her to see what’s really important and to wade through all the bull[crap].

“She wants to make the most of the time that she has now to really be with the man she loves,” she continued, “and to have these relationships in her life that she really cares about and to grow these relationships because there has been so much time wasted.”
Can Stefan and Gabi return to the way things were? Do they even want to? XJJohnson/

When the previous actress Camila Banus exited the show, Gabi was sent to prison for the murder of Li Shin. Despite Stefan and Rafe’s efforts, they were unable to find any evidence to clear her name. Now that she’s out, Gabi is eager to reunite with her daughter, Arianna, and spend some quality time with her beloved Stefan.

“She also wants to get back into business,” Jimenez previewed, “start focusing on getting herself back into the world of who she is, and kind of building her world back up again.”

Stefan and Gabi were a powerful duo before her imprisonment, and it looks like they’ll be picking up right where they left off. DiMera — and the rest of Salem — had better be on their guard!

Source: Soap Opera Digest