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Chihuahua Given last minute reprieve Following Jean-Claude Van Damme intervention

Even a chihuahua, which was expected to be euthanized because it did not have the appropriate records, was granted a last-minute reprieve after a request was shared with Belgian celebrity Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The prior British artist has been made conscious of the plight of Raya, which had been confiscated by Norwegian police and confronted being put down due to having a false passport.

Bulgaria refused to let her back to the country, because of rules on creatures with bogus travel documents going into the nation.

Raya’s proprietor, Alexey Iversen, began a request as a final resort, requesting the Allied and Bulgarian authorities to rethink their stances and also to spare the puppy’s lifestyle.

The request was subsequently shared with Van Damme along with his social networking stations, which have a joint following of millions.

“Please sign this petition and help save a pup,” he wrote on Twitter, linking to the change.org request that at the time of composing was signed by over 12,000 people.

Iversen clarified to Euronews who with the assistance of a lawyer he managed to postpone the former deadline,” so that we might have the time to attempt and save Raya’s lifetime”.

On the request, he explains he purchased the pup from a private individual in Oslo, but the puppy was captured on September 23 after it had been discovered that the documentation wasn’t enough for proof of vaccinations.

Bulgaria has made an exception for its strict principles on animals entering the nation, requiring Raya’s yield. But, Iversen is still awaiting confirmation from Norway he can travel with the puppy, which remains in isolation.

He plans to return to Bulgaria with Raya, regardless of the COVID-19 scenario, covering all expenditures, as he tries to return the dog with his family in Norway by acquiring the right documentation.

“The Bulgarian authorities should be praised for their versatility, but they need to exercise stricter control over prohibited animal husbandry and trading platforms,” explained Yavor Guetchev of their Four Paws organization.

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