Chiky Bombom and Diógenes Luberes’ Controversial Actions

Chiky Bombom and Diógenes Luberes’ Controversial Actions

The “Today” team at Telemundo has been experiencing ongoing tension in recent weeks. This all started after the separation of Adamari López and the renewal of the network’s important morning show. Figures such as Andrea Meza, Daniel Arenas, and Chiky Bombom took over the program, which divided the followers of the Hispanic network.

However, the situation didn’t stabilize. Serious accusations were made against Diógenes Luberes, the producer of the show, which escalated even further when it was aimed towards popular Dominican influencer Chiky Bombom. The influencer Jacqueline Martínez, also known as Chamonic, had said that the former producer of TV Azteca was responsible for the ill-treatment that the program team was receiving and that Chiky Bombom was the main victim.

The rumors gained strength when the influencer reacted to the post with a “Like,” which wasn’t part of the June 2nd edition. Accusations were made against Telemundo for their support of the accusation, and several users questioned the absence of the Dominican host.

Chiky Bombom had to break her silence on social media platforms and clarify that she was not suspended or separated from the show. In a live broadcast, Chiky Bombom denied any such rumors and invited her followers to “talk a little about the bombonera life.” The Dominican host stated that she was working on some personal projects related to her absence.

Despite the scoop, the influencer did not go into details and invited her followers to wait for the moment of launch. “I can’t specify what it is about or what it is. It’s because it scares me,” she explained.

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It remains to be seen when the tension will end in the “Today” team at Telemundo. We hope that things will stabilize for all the hosts and collaborators.

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