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“Child Star from ‘Matilda’ Chooses Unconventional Path Beyond Hollywood Limelight”

Matilda, the beloved 1996 film directed by Danny DeVito, introduced a plethora of child actors to the world. However, despite its critical success and becoming a family classic through VHS, few of these child actors continued their careers in Hollywood. Even the film’s lead actress, Mara Wilson, left the spotlight after her successful stint as one of the most in-demand prodigy girls in the industry.

While some child actors moved on to pursue career paths outside of Hollywood, such as medicine, linguistics, or writing, others took on unique and unexpected paths. Brian Levinson, the actor who played Matilda’s despicable brother, is a prime example of this.

Levinson started acting at just eight years old and landed minor roles in 90s series like Roseanne and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, as well as an appearance in the classic film, Predator 2. However, his career never really took off, and after his role in Matilda, he only appeared in a single episode of the hit series Seinfeld.

In 2000, when Levinson turned 18, he enlisted in the Navy, serving as an infantryman and being part of operations in Iraq. After serving nearly a decade, he left the military and earned a degree in computer systems engineering from 2010 to 2014. He then became a technology consultant for various companies, even developing his own projects and creating his own company, Levinson Group Events and Promotions.

Today, Levinson finds professional success without the need for Hollywood fame. He organizes parties and events for nightclubs in San Diego and collaborates with other event promotion organizations. While he rarely speaks of his acting days and it appears to be a distant memory, he did reunite with members of the original Matilda cast in 2013 to reminisce about old times and recreate some of the film’s iconic scenes.

Overall, Brian Levinson’s career path is a reminder that it’s possible to find success and fulfillment outside of the glamorous world of Hollywood. No matter where life takes you, your past experiences will always be a part of you.

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