Chilean senators criticized the government’s defense of Facundo Jones Huala: “It is undue pressure”

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A score of Chilean senators criticized the decision of Argentine government to support the release of Facundo Jones Huala. Through a letter addressed to the ambassador in Chile, Rafael Bielsa, they warned that the defense of the Alberto Fernández administration to the Mapuche leader “represents the intention to interfere with one of the powers of the State of Chile in a flagrant manner ”.

Facundo Jones Huala was extradited from Argentina to Chile three years ago. At that time, the Oral Criminal Court of Valdivia sentenced him to six years in prison. for him fire of a property in the Pisu Pisué ranch on January 9, 2013, three years for illegal possession of homemade weapons.

The Mapuche leader again requested parole and this Saturday it was learned that in the audience who analyzed the order was present Rafael Bielsa, that defended Huala.

“We come to demonstrate our most absolute concern, after learning of his visit to the Probation Commission of the Court of Appeals of Temuco, in favor of Mr. Facundo Jones Huala, who is serving a sentence in our country for the crime of arson and illegal possession of a firearm ”, they pointed 17 Chilean senators in a letter addressed to Bielsa.

“In our opinion, your presence at the aforementioned hearing not only contravenes the Vienna Convention on consular relations, but also represents the intention of interfere in one of the powers of the State of Chile flagrantly, which we firmly reject, as it is clearly a undue pressure”They added.

Legislators accused the Argentine ambassador of not respecting international treaties and they warned him that more signs like his could “seriously affect coexistence between both countries ”. The letter is signed, among others, by Senators Felipe Kast, Francisco Chahuán, José García Ruminot, Jacqueline Van Rysselberghe, José Durana, Luz Ebensperger and Juan Castro, Juan Antonio Coloma and Rodrigo Galilea.

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“It seems to us that any action that seeks to benefit a criminal of these characteristics, who defends the armed struggle, terrorism and violence as a method of political action is contrary to the defense of the democratic principles that inspire us, ”the Chilean senators pointed out.

The UCR asked that Rafael Bielsa be summoned to Congress to give explanations for his defense to Jones Huala

In Argentina, the UCR has already presented a project in the Chamber of Deputies so that the ambassador Bielsa be summoned and explain your participation in the defense of Facundo Jones Huala. The arguments of the opposition deputies are similar to the criticisms made by their Chilean counterparts on Monday.

“It is inconceivable that an Argentine Ambassador meddles in the internal and judicial affairs of another country contrary to our diplomatic tradition, since the Ministry of Foreign Affairs itself in its regulations establishes that diplomats cannot be part of the judicial processes or intercede to obtain prison exemptions or provide legal advice ”, the project indicates.

“The latter constitutes not only a violation of the provisions of the Chancellery but also a serious offense”, Concludes the initiative.

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