Chile’s Kast could beat Boric in the second round: polls

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(Bloomberg) – Chile’s conservative candidate José Antonio Kast could beat Gabriel Boric in the second presidential round, according to two polls that showed the main contender on the right closer than ever to winning the nation’s highest post.

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In an eventual second round, Kast would obtain 53.7% of the valid votes against 46.3% for Boric, according to an Atlas Intelligence poll published on Wednesday. For its part, the Studio Publico survey published the same day showed that Kast had a 53.2% preference over Boric’s 46.8%.

The right-wing lawyer and former congressman is gaining the upper hand less than three weeks before the vote. Kast promotes a platform that emphasizes lower taxes and law and order. Until now, polls have shown him losing to the former student leader in a runoff.

The Chilean peso reduced losses in afternoon trading and was down 0.1% to 813.29 per dollar. Meanwhile, the S&P IPSA closed up 2.4%.

Despite recent events, the electoral race remains open.

According to Atlas Intelligence, in a second round, Kast would lose to center-left senator Yasna Provoste, while Boric would defeat both former Minister Sebastián Sichel and Provoste.

For the first round, Kast would outperform Boric 31% to 21.4% followed by Provoste with 12.2%, according to the Atlas Intelligence survey. While Studio Publico showed Kast with 37.9%, Boric with 27.6% and Provoste with 11.4%.

Kast’s advance in the polls has coincided with the missteps of Sichel, the closest candidate to the unpopular Sebastián Piñera Administration. For example, Sichel criticized the proposal for more early pension withdrawals before revealing that he himself had withdrawn money in a previous round.

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