“China as America’s main challenge”: Pentagon accelerates efforts to compete with Beijing

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"China como el principal desafío de EE.UU.": el Pentágono agiliza esfuerzos para competir con Pekín

The Secretary of Defense of the United States, Lloyd Austin, issued this Wednesday an internal directive to focus the Pentagon’s efforts on the task of countering China, qualified as the number one challenge. “Now it’s up to the Department to get to work,” Austin said.

Some of the initiatives to speed up the approach against China will remain classified, but the Pentagon said that many are aimed at strengthening cooperation with Washington allies and partners, especially in the Indo-Pacific region, as well as accelerating the development of new operational concepts and promote deterrence in military matters in all areas.

The classified document with the accepted recommendations of the task force on China, which was established by the Joe Biden Administration in February to re-evaluate the national strategy towards Beijing, envisages more military exercises with the US allies, and Austin as well. ad It will accelerate the joint military actions model through the “experimentation and prototyping phases”.

By reaffirming that China poses security challenges “as the main challenge for the United States,” the Pentagon intends to allocate large resources from the defense budget to its fight against the Asian giant, which Biden requested to set at 715,000 million dollars for the next anus.

Under Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks, he claimed Tuesday during a virtual event organized by the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) that China “is increasingly competitive and has a unique ability to challenge the international system and American interests inside him”.

“To advance American interests, the department must be prepared not only to support our diplomatic and economic tools […] but also for deter military aggression. This is especially true of China, “Hicks said.

Despite Biden vowing to reverse or distance himself from many of his predecessor Donald Trump’s policies when he came to power, his administration remains the hard line when it comes to China. Hicks herself recognized the “thread of continuity” and the similarities in the current US president’s approach to Trump’s strategy, which in turn also sought to compete with China and Russia.

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