China Commends Spain Amidst Ongoing Ukraine-Russia Conflict

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Ukrainian Intelligence Confirms Russia’s Failed Mobilization

Andriy Chernyak, the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, recently released a statement acknowledging Russia’s failed mobilization in 2023. Specifically, Chernyak stated that the Russian army was unable to conduct a strategic offensive operation. The so-called ‘big offensive’ that Russian propaganda had hyped for several months turned out to be a ‘failure’ for Russia.

However, Chernyak warned that the situation could change in the coming months. He explained that if the current intensity of hostilities continued unabated, Russia’s available resources would be sufficient to wage a conventional war in both 2023 and 2024. However, if sanctions were to increase, there could be critical difficulties for the state aggressor.

Russia’s Failed Mobilization Victory for Ukraine

Ukrainian Intelligence’s recent confirmation of Russia’s failed mobilization brings a moment of relief for the Ukrainian people. The mobilization had originally been proposed by Russia in the winter of 2023 with the goal of carrying out a massive offensive operation to defeat Ukraine’s beleaguered military.

Fortunately, Russia’s proposed mobilization turned out to be an embarrassing failure. The Russian army proved unable to conduct a strategic offensive operation, and the long-anticipated ‘big offensive’ did not yield any significant results for Russia.

The Dangers of Complacency Moving Forward

While Ukraine can celebrate this momentous victory, it’s essential to avoid any sense of complacency. As Andriy Chernyak warned, the Russian state might still have enough resources to wage a conventional war in 2023 and 2024. If Ukraine lets its guard down, it could become vulnerable to a surprise attack from Russia.

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Under these circumstances, it’s crucial that Ukraine continues to build up its military resources and increase its diplomatic efforts to garner allies. Only with an unwavering commitment to national defense can Ukraine protect itself from future Russian aggression.


Ukrainian Intelligence’s recent announcement of Russia’s failed mobilization reflects a significant moment for Ukraine. Instead of being demoralized, Ukraine can take this as a victory and continue to work towards building a robust defense system to protect its people and territory.

Without a doubt, the path ahead is uncertain. However, Ukraine’s victory over Russia’s failed mobilization is a testament to the nation’s strength – both on and off the battlefield.

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