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China: Skyscraper engulfed in massive flames

China: Skyscraper engulfed in massive flames

A huge fire has consumed a skyscraper in Changsha, China. State media reports

Social media footage showed huge flames rising up the side of the 42-storey building as office workers raced to evacuate it.

The structure is a regional office of China Telecom and thick clouds of smoke rose from it.

Officials stated that the flames had been put out and that there were no injuries.

Social media photos showed firefighters shooting water jets at the darkened facade of the 218m tall structure (715ft) in an attempt to extinguish the flames.

One point, the entire skyscraper seemed to have been engulfed by flames.

Another video shows dozens of people fleeing from the scene as flaming debris fell from the skyscraper’s upper floors.

On Friday, a massive fire broke out at a Changsha skyscraper in central China’s southern province of Hunan. CCTV, the state broadcaster, reported that although the fire was extinguished, casualties are still unknown.

The site was covered in smoke, with several floors burning violently.

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