China to build quarantine centers for visitors arriving from abroad

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Central Chinese authorities ordered local administrations across the country to take charge of building specialized quarantine centers for those arriving from abroad, report the Bloomberg agency when quoting an official of the National Health Commission (CNS), Cui Gang.

The construction of these shelters is expected to be completed at the end of October and they will be put into service in batches. The number of accommodations will vary depending on each city, although they must meet a minimum requirement of 20 rooms per 10,000 residents.

Gang said the goal is to prevent the country’s quarantine facility system from “becoming disorganized” and “dispersing.” Apart from this, cities will have to prepare reserve accommodation centers.

To this day, the Asian country requires that every traveler from abroad undergo a quarantine 14 days, a procedure that can only be skipped by those who are immunized with anticovid drugs approved or recognized by the health authorities.

This Friday, meanwhile, 41 cases of coronavirus were registered in mainland China, raising the total infected to 96,203. The number of people sick with the virus in the administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macao reached 12,221 and 71, respectively, while the Taiwan region had a total of 16,234 since the start of the pandemic, informs CGTN, citing data from the CNS.

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