Chip order maker Globalfoundries: 3.4 billion euro semiconductor plant under construction

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From 2023, chip contract manufacturer Globalfoundries plans to increase production capacity in Singapore by almost 50 percent. The construction of a new semiconductor plant has already begun: it should be completed in around a year and a half and produce around 450,000 wafers with a diameter of 300 mm per year. For this, Globalfoundries needs clean rooms with an area of ​​23,000 m² – plus the area of ​​new office space.

The construction costs around 4 billion US dollars or 3.4 billion euros. Globalfoundries writes in the announcementthat the Singapore Economic Development Board and some customers are supporting the project financially. The total production capacity in Singapore is expected to grow to 1.5 million wafers per year after completion. Around 1000 jobs are to be created in the complex.

Globalfoundries cryptically writes that chips for 5G mobile communications, cars and so-called “secure devices” will roll off the assembly line in the new plant. According to Anandtech This means semiconductor components with structures of 40, 55 and sometimes 90 nanometers. Since the fab is being built with new tools, it should be comparatively easy to convert to more modern production processes, if required.

In the medium term, Globalfoundries wants to focus on special circuits, such as FDX manufacturing processes with energy-saving fully depleted SOI technology and structure widths of 22 (22FDX) and 12 nm (12FDX). The company is after Estimation by the market researcher Trendforce currently the fourth largest chip order manufacturer worldwide – after TSMC, Samsung and UMC.

In the coming years Globalfoundries intends to increase the production capacity at all previous locations. Talks are already underway with local politicians for an expansion in Dresden – because nowadays nothing works without financial support.

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