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Chiquis, Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter spoke about the problems facing the clan

In the eye of the hurricane is again the family of Jenni Rivera for several days, after his children requested an audit of the management of the company that founded the star. After a string of events between the sons and brothers of the Great Lady, now Chiquis Rivera placeholder image He spoke about the rumors that were heard in recent days.

It all happened when the singer also attended the opening of the restaurant of who could be her new sentimental partner, the photographer Emilio Sánchez. Before the cameras of the local media, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image He assured that he remains in contact with his sister Jacquie, the new possible executor of his mother’s estate.

“I tell her every day, I just talked to her. She knows that I love her, that I support her, that I am here, that I want the best for her, ”said Chiquis. It should be remembered that a few days ago the other daughter of Jenni Rivera made a broadcast where he asked fans in tears to pray for his family so that they would not be separated.

Chiquis’s sayings come after his younger brother Johnny López broke the silence with the US media to tell everything about the audit he requested on his mother’s company. In one of the most tense moments in the clan, Johnny assured that he or his brothers had never received the financial statements, which made his uncle Juan explode.

During an explosive interview that Johnny gave to the program “El Gordo y la Flaca” he assured that his aunt Rosie, who has worked as executor of the property of Jenni Rivera, had to deliver annual reports on the company’s accounting. However, given this alleged breach, the five heirs decided to request an audit.


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