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Who is Chiquis Rivera? Facts you don't know about Chiquis Rivera

Who is Chiquis Rivera? Facts you don’t know about Chiquis Rivera – Let’s find out all the details. Chiquis Rivera is perhaps well-known to Mexican fans in his home state. Those interested in learning more about the Mexican-American singer can find plenty of information about her personal life and relationships in her biography. As the oldest child of the late singer and actress Jenni Rivera, she is likewise well-known in the entertainment industry. Janney Marin Rivera is the actual name of Chiquis.

Her father’s surname is Marin, and her mother is Rivera. On June 26, 1985, she was born. The 36-year-old California native was reared in the state of California. Jacquelin, Michael, and Chiquis’ two half-siblings, Jenica and Juan Angel, are the other three members of Chiquis’ immediate family. She and her family frequently attend church as Presbyterians. Her first song as a vocalist, titled “Paloma Blanca,” was released in 2015.

Her mother’s memory was honored on the track. Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis & Raq-C was her first television appearance. ‘The Riveras’ was a spin-off of ‘I Love Jenni’ that she starred in alongside her siblings. Let’s go more into Chiquis’s personal history now.

Real Name/Birth NameJanney Marín Rivera
Marital StatusMarried
Husband/SpouseLorenzo E. Méndez Ronquillo
Does she have tattoosNo
ProfessionAmerican singer and television personality


When she released her first single, “Saloma slánса,” in 2014, she dedicated it to her mother, whom she had never met. Additionally, she made her international television debut with her standout performance on “Sa Nо оу Yo.” According to her mother’s reality show, “I Love Senni,” she also appeared.

Additionally, she released her first album. In 2015, shоra became popular among the crowds and spread like wildfire on social media. She released her memoir, “Forgiveness,” the following year. “Foorgivеnes” is the name of the eloquent and poetic remembrance of her life’s journey. Rivera gives her fans a glimpse into her own life by opening her heart to them in the book.

Chiquis Rivera

In the book, she also expounds on her uniqueness. When her father and an unknown woman were beating her, she doubted her own identity and worth. She also said that she detested being touched by any human being and that the sensation was distressing to her.

Chiquis Rivera’s 2022 Salary And Net Worth

By 2022, Shu Rivera’s net worth is estimated at above $5 million. Her career in the music industry has generated substantial wealth for her. She has released many songs that have performed well and brought in significant sales. In addition, she has appeared in various performances, including stage plays and musical revues. She is a television star who has been in several television shows and films.
Rivera is one of the most recognized television personalities in the United States. An award-winning artist, she has built a considerable fan base.

What Awards and Achievements Has She Received?

Numerous accolades have been bestowed upon her for her musical contributions. The Billboard Latin Music Awards, for example, nominated her in 2015. The award was given to a female artist for her work on the year’s most popular Latin songs. And she was nominated for the Juventud Awards three times in 2014.

In addition, she received two nominations at the Latin American Music Awards in 2015. They were based on Favorite Female Artist and New Artist of the Year. At the Latin Grammy Awards in 2020, her album Playlist was named Best Banda Album of the Year. Additionally, she was a finalist for the Lo Nuestro Awards in 2015 for Regional Mexican: Female Artist of the Year.

Chiquis Rivera

She was fortunate enough to win the Lo Nuestro Award twice, in 2016 and 2017. This year, there were two awards: Regional Mexican: Female Artists of the Year and Female Artist of the Year. She was twice named Female Artist of the Year at the Premios De La Radio awards ceremony. In addition, she was nominated for Fan Club of the Year at the 2014 Tu Mundo Awards.

Реrѕоnаl Lіfе

Since the beginning of the year 2016, Lоrеnzo sеndеz, the name of Rvеrа’s fiance, has been in a relationship with her. In 2018, the media asked several questions about the relationship, but none of them addressed the concerns raised by the media. Since the year 2018, there has been Said brother’s daughter has been making disparaging remarks about her, but she hasn’t addressed it.

Chiquis And Her Mom

Chris and her mother, Jenni, broke up their relationship in 2012. The notion that Chiquis had an affair with Jenni’s ex-husband Esteban Loaiza has been mentioned as the basis for the breakup. However, Jenni found out about the rumor at a moment when she was feeling lost and alone, notwithstanding Chiquis’ denials. Jenni doubted her husband’s commitment and Chiquis’s allegiance while she was in such a predicament.

Chiquis Rivera and her mother

When Jenni and Esteban were still married, Jenni discovered a video of Chiquis exiting Esteban’s bedroom. Because she kept watching the video repeatedly, Chiquis’s mother began to assume that her daughter was having sex with Esteban. On December 9, 2012, Jenni was tragically killed in an aircraft tragedy. We were on our way to Toluca when the aircraft took off. On April 7, 2015, Chiquis published a book titled ‘Forgiveness’ in which she explained why she and Jenni had broken up their relationship.

Facts About Chiquis Rivera

  • She is a practicing Christian and has shared details about her daily rituals. Chiquis Rivera frequented her grandmother’s beautiful, stone-filled church when she was little. Instead of going to the children’s church, she preferred to sit with her elders in the sanctuary.
  • The atrocities she suffered as a child influenced her subsequent life.
  • At 33, she decided to freeze her eggs for later use. She doesn’t think she’s ready to be a mother at this point. Her younger brother, whom she reared as if he were her own, is the clear explanation. At his brother’s birth, she was only 15 years old, and her mother had to focus on her profession.
  • Becky G and Chiquis Rivera have been pals for a long time.


What Was The Reason For Lorenzo And Chiquis’ Breakup?

Lorenzo claims that Chiquis was unsupportive of his aspirations to make a solo return. He said that he had a deep desire to return to music in an interview. According to El Gordo y La Flaca, Chiquis feared that he would return to the music industry due to his prior drug and alcohol abuse.

Is Chiquis Still Friends With Lorenzo?

Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez seemed to be a perfect match. In 2019, the Mexican-American singers formed a passionate bond and married in a fairy-tale ceremony. However, as living in quarantine had a detrimental effect on their relationship, they announced their separation at the end of 2020.

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