Choi Min Young as Dae-heon Kim in Kisses on Netflix Series Xo Kitty

Netflix’s heartwarming and relatable series “Xo Kitty”, a spin-off of “To All the Boys”, has been one of the most beloved shows on the streaming platform. The series highlights the complexities of relationships, especially during the adolescent and youth stages. In this series, Katherine Song-Covey, also known as Kitty, travels to South Korea to look for her boyfriend Dae-heon Kim, only to discover that her beloved already has a new partner, leaving her alone in a foreign land. The role of Dae is played by the talented and charming Choi Min Young.

Here are some interesting facts about Choi Min Young:

Personal Details

Full name: Choi Min Young
Place of birth: Seoul, South Korea
Nationality: South Korean
Birthday: October 9
Year of birth: 2002
Age: 20 years old
Instagram: @choi_minyeong

Who is Choi Min Young?

Choi Min Young is a well-known South Korean actor who has been in the entertainment industry since 2014. He has appeared in several TV series and has won the hearts of viewers with his performances.

Debut and Acting Career

Choi made his debut at the age of 12 in the children’s drama “Magic Thousand Characters” in 2014. Later, he appeared in several TV series such as “The Promise” (2016), “Strong Girl Bong-soon” (2017), “Mr. Sunshine” (2018), “Itaewon Class” (2020), “Twenty-Five Twenty-One” (2022), among others.

He is a Musical Actor Too

In addition to his acting career, Choi is also a musical actor and has appeared in numerous productions including “Bonnie & Clyde”, “Empress Myeongseong”, “Frankenstein”, and “Kinky Boots”.

Exclusive Contract

In April 2022, Choi Min-young signed an exclusive contract with artist management company Saram Entertainment. He often shares behind-the-scenes looks at his work and personal life on his Instagram account.

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In 2020, Choi Min Young won the Sixth Music Star DIM, a popular award in South Korea that recognizes the best rising stars in the industry.

His Reaction to Being Casted in “Xo Kitty”

When Choi found out he was going to play the lead in “Xo Kitty“, he was elated but also nervous as it was a significant step in his career. Nevertheless, he put his heart and soul into his role as Dae, capturing the audience’s affections with his charisma and talent.

Fans of “Xo Kitty” and Choi Min Young fans all over the world eagerly anticipate the actor’s next project and look forward to seeing more of his impressive performances in the near future.

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