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Chris Brown Posts “Scary” Video of Fan Threatening His Dancers’ Lives

A woman who recently met Chris Brown at a meet-and-greet in Canada has posted a disturbing video concerning the R&B star and his dancers. The video surfaced on Sunday, July 7, and has sparked significant attention on social media.

Angela Reliford, known on Instagram as Chrisbrownzwife777, made death threats towards Brown’s team following an argument with his lead dancer, Taylor Terry, at an after-party. The incident has created a wave of concern amongst fans and observers.

Chris Brown reacted to the video on Tuesday, July 9, sharing his alarm with the caption, “I’m not tryna be mean at all. But this sh*t is scary!”

In the full video, Reliford describes how her animosity began while she was enjoying herself at the 11:11 Tour after-party. According to her, Terry tried to draw attention away from her by putting a microphone to her backside and making it clap, an act Reliford interpreted as competitive and demeaning.

Reliford escalated the incident by calling the professional dancer an “attention super wh*re.” The situation took a turn for the worse when she had an altercation with Brown’s security team. They allegedly misunderstood her intentions, thinking she was trying to get into Brown’s VIP section, which led to her being asked to leave the party. Brown himself apparently told her “bye, bye” during the incident.

Recalling that moment, Reliford expressed her willingness to confront the security, stating, “Somebody bust a move. Bust a f**king move.”

Following the event, Reliford went live on Instagram, where she ominously spoke about killing Brown’s dancers and even fantasized about how she might execute her violent plans. “Man, wait til I get my money right,” she proclaimed. “If I gotta join a gang, if I gotta do some mob sh*t I don’t care.” She even questioned, “Where can I legally kill, because I’m coming for you. As soon as I can. Might be twenty years from now.”

These alarming declarations have caused uproar and concern, with many hoping for a swift resolution to the situation. You can watch the unsettling video regarding her encounter with Chris Brown and his team, as well as her initial meeting with Brown, online.

Source: Particle News