Chris Evans censored this aspect of Captain America for his character

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Chris Evans censored this aspect of Captain America for his character

Chris Evans became one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood since he stepped into the shoes of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor played the iconic character like no one else, But what few knew is that before sheathing the shield I censor an important aspect of the superhero. Writers who worked with him, revealed the modifications he made. Safety pin!

Christopher Markus Y Stephen McFeely explained in statements with Yahoo how they developed Captain America: The First Avenger of 2011. Before beginning to record, the scriptwriters met with Evans who changed Cap’s original conception e alternate stories ended up being cut.

The writers assured that Chris I wanted a humble character to transmit the values ​​of Captain America and for that he asked that the jokes that showed him boastful be censored. “I was very aware that I didn’t want sarcasm. I think I pulled a joke or two, that’s what I remember.”Markus argued about what the actor asked to remove.

“It was a very good understanding of Captain America. If this guy is going to fly as a character and as an authority figure, eventually, he must have his feet on the ground, no matter the situation. It’s what we all realized.”He added about the image they gave the famous character.

McFeely also answered the question that many MCU fans still ask themselves: Is Steve Rogers a virgin? The writer was very clear about it: “Why do people think he’s a virgin? If you look like this and go from city to city signing autographs for women like the women he signs autographs for, I have to imagine that he lost his virginity.”.

The writers continued to work alongside Evans throughout the Marvel film saga and will do so again in the actor’s next project because they write for the Russo brothers the film with the largest budget in Netflix history to be released in 2022: The Gray Man.


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