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Chris Evans could star in new movie with Lizzo

Lizzo has done it! After months of chasing Chris Evans, now he went for more and probably fulfilled his dream of working with him. The singer and the actor became great friends earlier this year when she admitted that after getting drunk, she sent him an Instagram message and he responded very sympathetically.

Chris EvansBesides being the legendary Captain America, he is also known for his charisma and good disposition whenever he is in front of the camera. But, the grace that she put on receiving Lizzo’s message surprised even the artist herself. In fact, she confessed to being on the list of his lovers and it even transpired that they could be expecting a baby.

However, it should be noted that there is only one friendship between them. Well, she already has other conquests, although it seems that she does not forget Evans. This is because now they could finally meet in person to work together! Is that Lizzo has the desire to star in a movie with the former Marvel.

In a new TikTok video, the artist echoed the news released by Warner Bros. The BodyguardThe 1992 film that launched Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston to fame will have a remake. And, therefore, the rapper suggested to the production that those indicated for those roles would only be her and Chris Evans.

At the moment there is no official response from the production, nor from Evans. But, the truth is that seeing them together for the first time after so much exchanging jokes and messages would be very nice. Well, it should be noted that the chemistry test they already have more than passed.

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