Chris Evans’ unexpected requirement to return to Marvel

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With the premiere of Avengers: endgame Marvel gave a final closure to the legendary Avengers. Despite the desire of the fans, this involved the departure of iconic actors such as Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson or himself. Chris Evans. However, since then, true fans of the MCU have not stopped speculating about a possible triumphant return of all of them.

However to characters like that of Chris Evans, Captain America, Marvel has already replaced them and the next sentinel of freedom will be Anthony Mackie. Even so, now the possibility of the actor making his triumphant appearance in the franchise once again existed. At the moment it is unknown how or when it would be, but everything indicates that the study made a proposal.

Chris Evans as Captain America. Photo: (IMDB)

Of course, to accept the offer from the largest studio in Hollywood, Evans would have made an extravagant request to the producers to have him again. According to the site Giant Freakin Robot, Chris could return to the MCU for a modest sum of $ 100 million. So much so that only if he was paid this millionaire figure would he put himself back in the shoes of Steve Rogers.

Beyond the amount of money and although it seems unthinkable, it is not impossible for it to happen. Well, Marvel has paid outlandish salaries to its actors more than once. One of the clear examples is Robert Downey Jr, who for Avengers: Infinity War took a hefty figure of $ 75 million.

In addition, for a study of the stature of Disney or Marvel itself, it is not impossible to pay this figure. That is, in the event that they reach an agreement, Chris Evans He could return as the real Steve or at least making a cameo in Captain America 4 which was already confirmed with Mackie as the protagonist. And, returning, would be traveling in time or through flashbacks.

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