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Chris Noth is left out of the end of the sequel “Sex and the City” after accusations

In mid-December 2021, various allegations against Chris Noth for sexual assault came to light. The Hollywood Reporter article, where women talked about their experiences with Nothin different cases, came out in the middle of the premiere of And Just Like That, the revival of Sex and the City where the actor played the famous Mr. Big.

Immediately, the police took the case and opened an investigation. Days after the allegations became public, Sarah Jessica Parker alongside Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis, who plays Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte in And Just Like That, released a statement to support Chris Noth’s victims.

And now, it has just been announced that the end of this series, scheduled to come out on February 3, was edited to remove the character of Mr. Big. Here we tell you more about this decision.

Chris Noth has denied the allegations against him

Chris Noth also starred in the CBS series The Equalizer. But after the accusations of sexual assault that arose from several women, it is that the chain decided to remove him from production. His last appearance was scheduled for this Sunday, January 9.

Noth denied the first two accusations made against him, saying the encounters were always given with the consent of women because”it’s not always no, and that’s a line I’ve never crossed.” He also said that “the accusations made against me by people I knew years, even decades ago, are categorically false. ”

Chris Noth is left out of And Just Like That

According to reports picked up by media such as Variety, Chris Noth was left out of the end of And Just Like That. Now, here’s a spoiler, so be careful. If you have seen the series, at least the first episode, you will know that Mr. Big dies of a heart attack while riding a Peloton (bike to exercise).

However, the actor would appear in the final episode. How? Carrie, SJP’s character, would go to the Pont des Arts in Paris to throw away her husband’s ashes. Here, in a dream scene, she would meet Mr. Big again to say goodbye to him. But with the news reports, it looks like they will edit the ending and take Noth out of this sequence.

HBO Max has not commented on it. But the same media that we quote ensures that the team of this sequel to Sex and the City believes that Mr. Big’s participation with Chris Noth is not so “significant” as not to edit the ending.

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