Chris Pérez: the photo with Selena Quintanilla that he had promised never to share

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Selena quintanilla is considered one of the best voices in Latin America. In her 23 years of life, the singer developed a wide musical repertoire that has crossed generations and broken sales records, making her one of the most influential artists of 1990.

Still 26 years after his death, the ‘Queen of the Tex-Mex‘continues to be remembered through music. His powerful voice and unique style conquered several generations, who mourn his death. One of the people who keeps the memory of the artist present is Chris Pérez, the man who conquered her heart.

In April 1992, Quintanilla and Pérez secretly married their parents. The young couple were happily living their romance and had plans to enlarge the family, until a March 31, 1995, Selena was killed by Yolanda saldivar.

Despite the short time they shared, it was enough for Chris Pérez to realize that the interpreter of “As the flower”Was his soul mate, so more than two decades after his departure he is still paying tribute to the late artist.

In a post made on his account Instagram, the writer of ‘To Selena, with Love’ revealed a snapshot that years ago he promised he would never share. The image was shared on the occasion of their wedding anniversary:

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I promised the person who gave me this photograph that I would not share it on social media… After all, I feel that it is important to keep some things for myself. But on this anniversary (April 2, 1992, when we ran away and got married) I felt that I should let myself go and share this image with the world. It is an incredible image and represents the most important things to me… life, love, music and most importantly… loyalty ”.

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The love story between Pérez and the singer occurred when the musician joined Selena and the Dinos. Some time later they began a relationship, of which many were unaware. In April 1992, the pair of musicians married; when she barely had 20 years old and he 22. This ceremony took place in Nueces County, Texas.

Yes OK, Selena and Chris Pérez They were completely in love, the fact that they worked together and saw each other 24 hours a day, caused them to have some discussions. Fortunately, they were able to cope with these difficulties, and even talked about having a baby.

One day before her death, Selena and her husband Chris Perez they agreed to meet Saldivar in a hotel, so that she could return some documents that she handled as her fan club representative; however, not all the papers were delivered to him.

Upon realizing this, the singer contacted the woman and they agreed to meet the next day at the same hotel. Upon arrival, his former assistant asks him to take her to a hospital as it would have been sexually assaulted on his last trip, something turned out to be false and upset Quintanilla.

Back at the hotel, Selena insists on asking for the documents and in the middle of the discussion, reports indicate that the artist tries to leave the room, but at that moment a bullet hits the right side of her back, killing her. A 38mm Taurus revolver It was the weapon that Yolanda used to end the life of the Latin star.

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