Chris Pratt is afraid of Brazil

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Few Hollywood actors manage to go down in history for their versatility and Chris Pratt It is one of them. His passage through the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Guardians of the Galaxy catapulted him to international fame and, also, opened many doors to different paths that, now, are his current career.

But, as everything begins, everything ends and Chris Pratt It did not go through the MCU again since, at present, it has different productions in process. And, it should be noted that the last one is a success on Amazon Prime Video where The War of Tomorrow was released, a film that has him as the total and only protagonist.

Some travelers arrive in 2051 to give a message: 30 years in the future, humanity will be losing the war against aliens. The only hope for survival is for soldiers and civilians to go to the future and join the battle.“Amazon defines this film that once again put Pratt on everyone’s lips for his excellent performance.

However, this film also revealed one of the biggest fears of Chris Pratt And, it was the official account of the digital platform that remembered him. During the Copa América final match between Argentina and Brazil, it was through Twitter that they wrote the truth about the actor’s feelings.

I don’t want to worry you, but the last time Brazil was on my screen, this happened”Says the tweet next to an image of the War of Tomorrow where Pratt is seen watching a game for the Brazilian team and then everything explodes. Although, of course, this is due to a simple joke referring to the final of the Copa América on Brazilian soil.

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